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Clothing in marine style

impetus to the development of marine-style made of Coco Chanel in the 30s of XX century.She has refined what was created earlier and opened the way to a fashion for the masses.And as soon as the scandal broke: a brave woman did not understand.However, later the designers used that way.And in the '70s and' 90s there has been a marine-style flexibility.It was now possible to add a conventional combination of clothes marine motifs and forms.

Wearing something with a pattern of blue and white stripes, clothe you in a nautical style, it does not matter in which direction these bands are located.Complementary colors in your dress can be a red.By the clothes you need to add accessories, symbolizing the sea.This could be, for example, a cap, yakorёk, ribbon, badge, and more.An important detail in the most clothes are a sailor collar edge for decoration.

you can go in this dress?Yes, anywhere: in the style of clothing a la Sea approach to work, to a party on the beach ... And how many images you can re-measure

!..This sailor and pirate and mermaid ...

features of this style are simple cut, restraint, practicality, proportionality.All it will give your silhouette extraordinary elegance.In addition, the band will help to hide imperfections in the figure, while the main thing - to take into account their direction.

Important: marine style closely associated with travel and leisure because of its feature is also a convenience.You can select the layers of clothing, as a true sailor to be ready for all the whims of the weather!

clothes in a marine style

1. Be sure the presence of the strips.

2. It is important to take into account the colors, even today designers are experimenting with a variety of combinations of colors and shades.

3. Pay attention to uniforms in the style of the sea.Trousers are required to be flared at the bottom.Jacket or windbreaker jacket will look like.Apply iron buttons and other things from the lives of seafarers.But all this can be decorated with lace, with light fabrics.

4. The most commonly used knitted fabrics.

5. Apply the accessories and costume jewelry, decorated with gilt chains and anchors.Do not forget about the huge beach bag for traveling or small clutches for social events.

6. Choose a comfortable and practical shoes without a heel or low heel.The tone should be matched with the "mood" of clothing or be light.The best material for such shoe cloth, but not the skin.

Going to a party, prefer an elegant heels, and for a walk on a yacht - moccasins, do not absorb moisture.

7. The hair and make-up stick to simplicity and naturalness.

How to dress in a particular season?

In winter, the true "sailors" wearing raincoat or a coat marine colors.But there is now a diverse and warm jackets and pants.Flared pants and fitted jacket, tunic perfectly suited for the off-season.

summer you can wear a variety of tops and t-shirts, adding to them jeans and trousers.All of this can replace the white shirt with shorts or trousers to his knees for the fisherman.If at this time, the cold, throw with short cardigan.

dress combined with any time of year.For them choose the noble blue or dazzling white.

What should pay attention to?

Gold is an indispensable attribute of the "sea" of fashion jewelry and accessories.It is also important for the decorations of natural materials: coral, shells, aged metal.Plastics, for example, is only permitted if you indulge, play.

Going to the beach, it is important not to forget the hat, beret or a scarf.Take still and sunglasses, protective cosmetics.

It is important not to overdo it with strips, for example, to avoid the absurdity of the image.This includes the selection generally no more than three colors in a suit.Also, do not give light weight all sorts of accessories from head to toe.Note that the shoes should not be bright features indicating different style.

Trends Fall - Winter 2011 - 2012

Let's look at what will be possible in the cold and, on this basis, form the perfect wardrobe in nautical style.

It's time for the graphic minimalism '30s and' 70s retrospective.Because of these trends, you have the right to add to the usual marine motifs bright colors, unexpected combinations of colors and shades, and prints a variety of finishes.With fabrics can also experiment.Pick clothes of velvet, velvet, cashmere, leather, silk, organza.

now urgent easy silhouette and lines.This is great for marine style.To keep up with the fashion, choose the "sea" of mustard, dark-red, ruby, emerald, sapphire colors.Relevant as black-and-white classics.

Based on the fact that we are offering the podium, choose a suit with an unusual combination of stripes or black and white.Excellent will look monochromatic outfit, complete with marine motifs.

unusually fashionable : ocean poncho or cape of warm fabrics: fur, tweed, wool, jersey and more.What's interesting is that you can decorate your dressing fur.And yet today it is fashionable to shine, adding clothes lurex.

shoes today has calm tones, but also block colors.This means that we can choose how to light shoes for the costume patterned and striped for plain robes.Among

shoes popular shoes in men's style, boots, anything on the platform shoes and boots on a hairpin;important island socks, nail, lace, fur, lace.All this you can also convert to your favorite style.But do not choose trendy skin of reptiles, t. To. It is not suitable for marine style!