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How to dress warmly and look elegant

Choice parks

Outerwear is not limited only jackets.Among the classic versions have other interesting in cut and appearance, such as the park, allowing to dress elegantly.

Park originally - traditional clothes of northern people, has undergone changes over time to gain popularity among the modern fashionistas worldwide.She has a hood and zipper, and the sleeves and hem are made on kuliske parks.This cape is easy to use, if desired, can even fit in a handbag minimized.Models of various parks: of silk or cotton, the park can be sporty or elegant, it is suitable for a hike or a walk to the theater with friends.

main recommendations of how to wear the park and look elegant, limited to just a few points:

  • emphasize the waist in the park, wearing a belt, wide or narrow - the way you like;on the color scheme is very winning times in contrast to the color of the parks;
  • if you put in a park zone, then as additional jewelry bracelets are a good option (for example, you can roll up your sleeves parks,
    wear massive bracelets, adding to the ensemble or a turban bandage on his head - get a very good image in the eastern style);
  • dress or skirt should always be shorter than the park;
  • boa scarf or gas from the park - an elegant combination for a social event.

most extravagant and bold variety of parks - is a transparent raincoat, which will not hide under your outfit is.This is an option for women with extreme courage and eccentricity, who like to attract attention.But to wear jewelry in this case is not advised.

choice of shoes

When choosing a shoe that will look good with a park, look for boots and sandals that can be combined with socks or stockings.Ankle boots with a wide top and remain fashionable footwear this season.Bags, which are combined with the park - large and bulky, or large bags and clutches envelopes.Another option

successful shoe in which a warm and elegant, as well as dry, even in the rain - rubber boots.They have long ceased to be a specialized footwear for giving or fishing.The variety of the appearance of modern rubber boots will let you choose a model to taste.Here are a few recommendations to wear rubber shoes.

Rubber boots are badly combined with the park, even with such a variety it as a raincoat.The best choice for rubber footwear - a jacket or coat, and if the heat is not necessary to dress up, you can do without outer clothing, combining boots and dress with an umbrella.

Drawing on the boots should not compete with the rest of the pattern on the clothes, it is better to choose the matching options, such as a geometric pattern on the boots may be advantageous to look with a floral pattern on the rest of the clothes.

If the combination of clothes and boots with a pattern not possible, you can always use a win-win situation - bright boots (possibly printed or monochrome), as the main focus of all the dress color, plus one tone or clothing range.

Rubber boots can be a heel that makes them feminine.But the rubber boots on a flat sole can look elegant if your gait is easy and you radiate confidence in its beauty, and the person does not come with a smile.

Choice umbrella

Umbrella - an accessory that can instantly make you a fashionista, if properly selected and worn correctly.

  • Umbrella - the classic version, the rate of elegance, able to give the status and type of business.It is important the number of spokes - they should not be less than 10.
  • Transparent umbrella - do not choose it if you are wearing a transparent raincoat, it would be overkill.This unusual accessory itself attracts attention and stands out among the rest.
  • folding umbrella - the most practical option that fits easily into a handbag.If you wear a lace parasol for, it will give you a touch of coquetry.

Today, the choice is very large umbrellas, color - the most diverse.Remember that combine both an umbrella and a handbag from two equally famous designers - a sign of bad taste.Also, try to choose an umbrella, as well as any other accessory - the more expensive the better.And selects high quality custom umbrella, because this accessory is designed to save you from any bad weather.

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