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Protein diet for pregnant women

Protein diet

pregnant Will not gain much weight and take care to the expectant mother made use of the required amount of vitamins and fruit to develop normally.The basis of this diet protein products.The day should eat 100 g protein, 80 g of this animal proteins.But that does not mean you can not eat carbohydrates, if the woman is sitting on the protein diet, carbohydrates should eat much less.

daily menu in a pregnant woman must present products such as cheese, milk, eggs, cheese.Do not cause completeness fruits and vegetables, besides they are very helpful.If you want apples, instead of red, it is better to eat apples yellow or green.

protein diet diet includes seafood and meat.They are best steamed.With this method of heat treatment to keep all useful elements and vitamins.Sitting on this diet can not eat sweet fruit, condensed milk, flour products, chocolate.Prohibited alcohol and sugar.

For pregnant women protein diet not only will correct weight, but also will benefit.Proteins are needed

for the development of the fetus and for growth, they strengthen the uterus, placenta.Help to save the breast milk.They bring a tremendous aid to the immune system.During pregnancy, the pregnant woman should stick to this diet that offers protein diet.A woman's body should receive the necessary amount of protein, if it does not dopoluchit, it will become a threat to the life of the child and for the mother's health.

Pregnant women need to consume per day to 120 grams of protein.Read and remember what foods you need to buy at the store, so that the body was sated protein.First of all it eggs, dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, but milk is not keen on, you can only 2 cups per day.Do not neglect the seafood and fish, they contain easily digestible proteins, if not allergic to fish.In fish, steamed, retains all the vitamins, they then move on to the child.

eliminate from the diet of fresh bread, chocolate, cakes, instead of sugar eat fruit and drink juices.
Do not limit your diet among proteins.For the development of the baby needed and carbohydrates, and fats.Up to 20 weeks of pregnancy should be a day to eat 400 grams of carbohydrates.Then reduce this number to 300 g by eliminating sugar, bread and flour products.To daily caloric did not decrease, it is necessary instead harvested carbohydrates need to add a little protein.

necessary to eat small meals a day and spread the calories so:

At first breakfast - 30%,
for lunch - 10%,
lunch - 40%,
snack - 10%,
dinner - 10%.

just a few hours before bedtime should drink a glass of kefir or yogurt, or eat some cheese.
proteins strengthen the uterus, placenta, they are necessary for the development and growth of the fetus.They help to build up your breast milk.And bring great benefit to the immune system.But before you reach the menu you need to consult a doctor.