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Why ascorbic acid must be present in the food

This biologically active compound has another name - the antiscorbutic vitamin.In the old days, almost all the sailors, going on a long voyage, after a while faced with a disease called scurvy.The symptoms for this disease is severe bleeding gums, loosening and loss of teeth.In those days, people still did not know anything about, not only ascorbic acid, but generally about vitamins.Since the supply of fruits and vegetables consumed by the ship in the first months of sailing, and the duration of the trip was sometimes even a couple of years, it becomes apparent cause of scurvy among the ship's crew.The fact that the main source of ascorbic acid in the human body are all kinds of fruit and vegetables.Either of them is always in a certain amount of this vitamin is necessarily present.Complete disappearance of ascorbic acid from the food intake (which is observed in the absence of the diet of fruits and vegetables) necessarily cause scurvy.The disease is caused by violation of the synthesis of the extracel

lular protein collagen.As a result, dramatically increases the permeability and the fragility of blood vessels.

Ascorbic acid should also be present in food in the period of mass colds.Why doctors are advised to take vitamin C in these times?It turns out that ascorbic acid can significantly enhance human immunity, so that our body becomes more resistant to all kinds of viral and bacterial infections.When the first symptoms of the common cold is recommended to take immediate "shock" doses of ascorbic acid.This approach can significantly help in the fight against the disease.

presence in food of sufficient amounts of ascorbic acid also helps to lower blood pressure (which is very important for people suffering from hypertension).Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, preventing the negative effects of free radicals that destroy many important molecules in the cell of a living organism.

ascorbic acid daily dose for an adult is about 100 mg.Important food that must be present in the food to provide the required amount of ascorbic acid include, as mentioned above, fruit and vegetables.The leaders on the content of ascorbic acid can be called rosehips, black currant, citrus (lemon, orange, tangerine), parsley.

as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent ascorbic acid is recommended in various diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, liver, kidney malfunction of the joints, in case of poisoning poisons.Large doses of ascorbic acid reduce the harmful effects of harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke.Therefore, products containing ascorbic acid must be present in the diet of smoking (for their daily dose of vitamin C can be up to 500 - 600 mg).

Thus, the role of ascorbic acid in maintaining human health is very important.To ensure the normal course of many physiological processes of this vitamin should be sure to enter our body with food.