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Lose weight with the help of a water diet

So, the water diet is simple enough: it is important in the day to drink at least 2, 5 liters of water, it helps reduce appetite and lose weight.Of course, as with any system of power, water from the diet has its own characteristics, but more on that later.And yet, what could be easier than to drink water and lose weight?

To get started is to figure out what is the use of water, in order to understand the principle to lose weight on a water diet.Answer one question: how much water (this water instead of coffee, cola, tea, milk) do you drink a day?Glass?Two?Did you know that our body is nearly 80% water.If every day to carry out the restoration of fluid in the body, sooner or later it will impact on your appearance.There will be dry hair, wrinkles, unhealthy complexion, in addition, there may be internal diseases due to lack of water.It may appear fatigue, headaches, problems with the digestive system and, consequently, weight.Many drinks are diuretics and costs have a cup of coffee or a soda bottle as ha

lf an hour you go to the toilet.If you drink water in sufficient quantity, then your body will respond to it with gratitude.The water contains the necessary elements and trace elements for normal operation of the internal organs of oxygen, minerals, salts.All this contributes to the removal of residues and saturate the body with all necessary materials.

So how do we lose weight with the help of a water diet?It's very simple: you drink a day 2, 5 liters of water, you have the sensation of hunger, so you eat less.Scientists have found that very often our brain perceives the wrong signals that it takes the stomach.If there is thirst, the brain can perceive it as a feeling of hunger, as a result, we make tea and eat cookies or chocolate or impose themselves whole plate of potatoes, and it was quite enough to drink a glass of water.And every extra eaten muffin or a piece of fried chicken will certainly affect our figure, set aside by the pope or stomach.If your stomach is really sends a signal of thirst, then twenty minutes there is a desire to pass.But, of course, need to drink only pure water, no sodas, coffee and tea.Do not eat fried fatty foods and sweet, is interested in sports (the ones who really want to lose weight, and so knows it, and hopes that if the intervals between the consumption of donuts drink water, it will grow thin).

Lose Weight using water diet - it is easy to say but hard to do.Do not abuse the liquid and drink 7 liters per day, if just enough 2.Observe sense of proportion, and you will succeed.Ask how to calculate your daily dose of consumption of pure water?Everything is very simple.The formula is as follows: 40 ml of water per 1 kg bodyweight.Multiply and get their daily dose.However, if you are active in sports, or in the street is very hot, you sweat, the amount you drink a day can increase, but not by much.Do not forget that in an effort to lose weight, lose weight, you can harm your body.Excess fluid in the body is actually worse than its disadvantage.If you're going to drink too much fluid, then gradually it will lead to that of your body will be displayed useful salts appear edema, convulsions.So you should be especially careful experiments on themselves.It is necessary to consult with your doctor beforehand.If you

difficult to give up tea or coffee, you certainly can use them during the day, but do not count them in the daily dose of pure drinking water.It is important to drink pure water throughout the day.Distribute their norm on several stages, or 4 cups of water, drunk at a time, will lead to the fact that your stomach will stretch and your appetite will increase.And when should drink water?To lose weight with the help of a water diet?The first reception of clean water must occur in the morning, right after you wake up.Just one cup of water is able to strengthen the digestive system and metabolism.If you squeeze a few drops of lemon, then you will be pleased to drink it, and in the morning you get your body needs vitamin C you can have breakfast in 30 minutes.Start your morning with a useful and pleasant moments!

During the day, it is important to observe the following recommendations on the use of clean water, to get the best effect of water diet.Drink water 30 minutes before a meal, it will allow you to reduce the feeling of hunger as a result of, for dinner you eat less.Drink water immediately after a meal is not recommended.The water should enter the body only after 2 hours after a meal.Water, the liquid that is drained immediately after a meal causes you stomach dilute the gastric juice, there is bloating, and food and non-digest, delayed on our wonderful figurines.During the meal, so it is not necessary to drink water and other liquids on the previously named reasons.Drinking pure water is when you have a desire to eat, to drink tea with something sweet.This will help you get rid of unnecessary snacking and overweight.

Water diet - not difficult, but very effective system of power, if you do it right.Do not drink water from the tap.Our cleaning system, unfortunately, is far from perfect, and instead of useful glass of water, you get a dose of chlorine, rust and other equally hazardous substances.There are special filters for water purification.Be sure to buy such a device.They usually purified water using silicon.In order to process the adoption of clean water was for you especially a pleasant, you can buy a special beautiful glass from which you will be pleased to drink water.You'll know you're on the way to their ideal figure.

way, it is possible that from the beginning may seem to you that the water tastes disgusting and do not want to drink it.This is not true.After a couple of days you will easily drink the amount of water, your body will respond to you with gratitude.For a pleasant flavor you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water.Drink water slowly and in small sips, do not swallow plenty of fluids, especially drinking 3-4 cups at a time.I wrote above where it may lead.Observe and measure around the systematics, and you will succeed!Misconception that cold water helps weight loss.On the contrary, cold, icy water will slow down the process of metabolism and weight gain.Drink pure water should be at room temperature or only slightly warm.

Just a couple of words about water diet.Remember that losing weight is not a panacea in there.Water diet, it is rather a recommendation to the general right and a healthy lifestyle.You certainly have repeatedly heard and read that on the day it is important to consume at least 1.5 liters of water.So it is, but many nutritionists believe that the water diet is a diet, but because it is to comply with not more than 3 weeks, and then not make a break for the same or even longer.Before starting any diet, even water, should consult a doctor to make it clear what your intake of water.

Many women who adhere to the water diet, happy to note that decreases appetite, to satisfy the appetite enough to eat breakfast and lunch.Diet passes easily, lose the desire to drink coffee and tea with sweet.Also works well if you're in the water you drink diet complex vitamins.Remember that patience and hard work, little effort.

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