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Capricorn: Horoscope for autumn 2013

By mid-autumn can vozniknutkonflikty and disputes with management, which will lead to a career change.Sosmenoy bosses come and change plans and objectives.

autumn best to help parents and children, to support friends, spending time with your loved one.Diligence prinesetsvoi fruit.

Goroskopna September

stormy activity in goats sentyabreprivlechet you gossip and intrigue, but you will not notice these pustyakov.Otseyte detractors leave around him only allies with kotorymimozhno start any project or just to go shopping.

in September will come to you poleznayainformatsiya and hot news.This is the period for zaplanirovannyhperegovorov, trips and further education.You are yourself kuznetsysvoego happiness.You will act - will achieve great results.

In the second half of September kozerogismogut embody long-standing plans.

Love, family

Listen to the advice of loved ones, they budutdelnymi and help to maintain harmony in the relationship.To raznoobrazitotnosheniya, take the initiative

.Experiments refresh impressions and feelings.

From children to expect pleasant syurprizov.V connection with the beginning of the school year you will be inclined to authoritarian stilyuvospitaniya children will live by the Spartan system.

By the end of the month you will positively razreshitevse domestic issues.The position of Venus will bring new experiences and amurnyepriklyucheniya.

With family relationships also budutgarmonichnymi and calm.You head a family council to address semeynyhproblem.

Career Finance

Since the beginning of the fall, first of all, try to make a career priority issues.The administration expects the vasmaksimum activity and health, and it will not be a problem for the ibex.

In the second half of the month, you budetesobirat financial harvest.You get as much as planned, more-unlikely.There are urgent waste on economic affairs.

In September, financial affairs slozhatsyaudachno, do not forget to repay debts and to repay loans.


Capricorns are full of energy, but you should always ukreplyatorganizm.For liver - treatment programs for skin -Cosmetic procedure.September - the perfect time for the gym, dlyakosmeticheskih and wellness programs.

Even if your liver izheludochno tract works like a clock, to check they are not worth it.Pitaytesratsionalno regularly.

Horoscope for October

Earlier this month, you will psihologicheskine resistant, so it's best not to schedule important things.Soon you smozheteaktivno show themselves.

Mid-Autumn Festival - dlyakozerogov busy period in terms of experience, and part of the event.Chance of Abraham narabote.But goats - quiet and reserved people.You easily cope sproblemami without succumbing to emotions.By the end of October smenitobstanovku try and have fun: Visit fashion event, meet up with friends.

Love and family

October goats waiting all palitralyubovnyh feelings: jealousy, anger, complete unity and harmony in the relationship.

should be noted that you are actively budeteuvlecheny family affairs and relationships with loved ones.Children arrange a holiday pamper gift - it will lead them in delight.

Be ready by the end of the month, vashpartner show rigor, especially in domestic affairs.There are staryeobidy frustration and love.Do not take hasty decisions.Davnozabytye love can resume contact.

Career and Finance

October Capricorns have aktivnootstaivat own interests.Mid-Autumn Festival will be full sluzhebnymidelami and dialogue, try to extract the maximum benefit from this.

At work, to persevere, and to kontsumesyatsa you get the long-awaited results of their efforts.Guide otsenitvashi labor services, and this will be reflected in the financial side of the issue.Denezhnayasituatsiya get better, you'll get long-awaited funds for kotoryerasschityvali.

October ibex can manifest itself works.


October Ensure svoimsamochuvstviem.This applies particularly to goats, which have hronicheskiezabolevaniya.Take time for yourself, to be useful vitamin.

autumn ibex prostudnymzabolevaniyam exposed, do not overload the kidneys, and likely vospalitelnyhprotsessov.

Sport should be addressed moderately, calculate the forces.Also in October, take care of strengthening kostnoysistemy, eat more dairy products.

Goroskopna November

November goats are full of energy ivdohnoveniya.You will be able to start life with a clean slate.Period podoydetdlya great creative proposals and undertakings.Were unsuccessful change of image iliinoy creative.You will be able to conquer new heights, difficulties will tolkovdohnovlyat.Remember that your friends always support you.Capricorns sumeyutotstoyat personal interests in any case.

In November, goats are more udelyatvnimaniya lots of fun, entertainment, meeting with friends, with whom vyredko Think because of work.

Love, family

November - the perfect time for kozerogovdlya of privacy.Appreciate your happiness.Intense time lyubovnyhotnosheniyah come only at the end of the month.Both you and the partner will otstaivatsobstvennuyu point of view, you will be difficult to negotiate.But reconciliation budetstrastnym.Naladte relation to the last week of November, or do etobudet even more difficult due to an excess of emotion.

In relations with children iroditelem be both.The position of Mercury, Venus and Mars preduprezhdaetkozerogov that relatives and friends may have differences issory.

Career Finance

November - productive month dlyakarernyh feats goats.This is the period you get materialnoevoznagrazhdenie and amuse his professional vanity.

Chances are you suddenly podytozhitenekie service questions.Especially at the end of November, no one dedicates in svoiplany may arise intrigue around you.

in the financial area in November -neblagopriyatny period.Large commercial transactions do not.Mozhnone agreement with partners likely frauds.

The domestic aspect Star prinesutproblem family treasury representatives Capricorn.Here everything is quite spokoynoi balanced.Paperwork or important acquisition zaplaniruyteblizhe by mid-month.


Zavershenieoseni perfect, chtobyizbavitsya from chronic diseases.Pay particular attention to the metabolism, consume less alcohol.

Capricorn woman go for it otlichnyyperiod to make magical steps towards transformation.Spend time sebelyubimoy.

Capricorn in November should zanyatsyaomolozheniem the body and increase vitality.November - excellent vremyadlya this.The methods and recipes that you trust, you can choose.