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Sagittarius: Horoscope for autumn 2013

Goroskopna September

Archers, in September you can vdovolnasladitsya sensuality and romantic relationships.Prepare to novymznakomstvam and sincere relations.Try to spend more time slyubimym man, give each other pleasure and fun.

September for archers - it ipadeniya ups, unexpected failures and successful transactions.With such intense activity Unforgettable health.Periodically, you need to rest, you potrebuetsyalyubov loved ones and change of impressions.

Love, family

In early September budutyarkimi your senses, full of hope and strength.Share your choices with fire.Odinokiestreltsy quite possible that zavedut new relationship.Do not sit at home, take a trip, go on a tour, and luck certainly podaritvam new acquaintance, it may be the beginning of an ongoing relationship.Nona partner pressure is not necessary.

Meeting with friends bring massupolozhitelnyh emotions.By the advice of friends during this time better to listen you may get useful information.

September nestabilnoeemots

ionalnoe possible condition.So do not forget about the solitude and meditation on the nature chaschevyezzhayte, get creative, socialize with children.

Career Finance

Ignore nerasstraivaytes and if your colleagues will wash up your bones.Let etoostaetsya on their conscience.The real reason for your actions and deeds izvestnatolko you.

to project or transaction was completed finansovoudachno, it is better to plan in advance.In September, the archers budutrabotat violently.But remember to finish the job quickly, you pridetsyasilno tense, and this will lead to a nervous breakdown.However, your capacity for work is required to cause a lot of thinking on the part of the authorities approval videsuschestvennoy a raise.Do not forget about yourself.Treat yourself roskoshnoyveschyu of fashion boutiques.

In the second half of the month streltsampridetsya work on team and preliminary results for sentyabr.V end of the month for the new business is better not to take.From them you will wait tolkoneopravdannyh costs.


may bring problems sozdorovem September.They help solve the experienced doctor.If you notice at simptomybolezni, do not delay the campaign to the expert.At an early stage zabolevanielegko prevented.During treatment, do not abuse the smoking and drinking, aesche better - tie these bad habits and work out.

By the end of the month postaraytesrasslabitsya, or mental illness you can not avoid.

Goroskopna October

October is favorable for archers dlyanalazhivaniya privacy.The publication, a candlelight dinner in a restaurant or at home -Excellent prelude to restore passion and sense of brightness.Udelyaytebolshe time a loved one, especially satisfy him sexually.Vetot period love relationship can develop into a formal alliance.

harmony in their personal lives allow aktivnozanimatsya duties.But do not expect that everyone will get legko.Chtoby success of archers need commitment, punctuality restraint.

Close people will support you even in all your endeavors.

Love, family

October for archers - a period when vybudete restore undermined confidence with your partner.For this vasest chances.The two of you will survive this difficult time, if you need it.

the middle of the month will improve relations, but the feelings are still strained.You will have to prove their pozitsiyu.No do not make partner servant or a lackey, or because of your suspicion ipridirchivosti conflict resumes.Try to keep the current otnosheniyana afloat.To use any chance of reconciliation.In late October, the long-awaited partnerproyavit your affection and sensuality.

secret love relationship with podrugamiluchshe not to share.Be in your world only love alone.

Career Finance

beginning October archer can svernutgory.Your business depends entirely on you.You smozhetesvoim example will inspire others.Finansovyezatrudneniya possible time, but they quickly pass.In October archers waiting trips idelovye trip.

Toward the middle of October streltsampridetsya repay both material and moral.At this time, better neezdit by car or fly.

You can safely zanimatsyakollektivnym project.Your dedication and adventurous original ideiprinesut additional profit.But money is better to address reasonable netratte them left and right.


October zanimaytessamolecheniem not if feel unwell, consult a specialist.Poleznymibudut exercise, exercise, aimed at energy storage.They will help get rid of depression ivnutrenney lethargy.Bad emotions can attract to your infection.Pitaytespravilno without overloading the liver.

Be careful, there may be nerve sryvyi tantrums.To return the vigor and optimism dyhatelnyeuprazhneniya follow.

Goroskopna November

Confidence archers in November will be the high places.This notice all around.Stresses the svoipolozhitelnye quality.

this month allows for zanyatsyaprodvizheniem career.Feel free to handle the new projects, but beware vdenezhnyh issues.Better to repay debts on time and verify the information.

Love, family

Open heart to schastyu.Pomnite you beautiful and charming.Accept yourself with all the positive qualities iotritsatelnymi.In relations play an important role optimisticheskiynastroy and confidence.Give your favorite gifts, surprises do, make them smile and enjoy.

However, this month you budeteprovodit more time at work and on the personal life time hvatatkatastroficheski will not.

Leisure forget udelyatblizkim, family and children.

Career Finance

November musketeers not worth otkazyvatsyaot new proposals.You can change the work to start a new interesting proekt.V this period you will perfectly cope with difficulties at work.But the case fell in love, be prudent in everything.

InNovember better not go on expensive restaurants and not to large purchases.Neperezhivayte savings - a temporary measure.


November archers can bespokoitmochepolovaya system.Do not eat spicy food.The liver is also uyazvima.Sohranyayte composure, struggle with unnecessary fears and mnitelnostyu.V to prevent breathing exercises.

In the second decade neputeshestvovat better, the extra contacts can bring unwanted infection.Pobudtedoma, get enough sleep.Eat more fruits and vegetables.