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Scorpions: horoscope for autumn 2013

Goroskopna September

September for Scorpios will perepolnennoviznoy, so try to take advantage of all the features you kotoryepredlozhit fate.With others better to maintain good relations, the App need to get help from them.Around you can iintrigi gossip, but, despite this, you are able to move forward in svoihnachinaniyah.

Without a solid foundation, stability ivzaimopomoschi better not to start new projects.Fortuna will be storoneskorpionov boldly going to the target, while not yielding to temptations.Even eslivashi plans are carried out without interference, the control is still not loosen.

Since mid-September scorpions mogutspokoyno start transformation in life, it's your time.Poisons on vacation again places, make new acquaintances.Show maximum creativity.

Love, family

In family life separate responsibilities is a great way to normalize relations.Your household necessarily naydutprimenenie personal abilities.Give them the will to manifest their talantov.Otlichnoy idea to a join

t picnic.

September Scorpion pochuvstvuetpovyshennoe attention from the opposite sex.The intensity will increase in amorous affairs kseredine month.Your partner will be jealous of you and blame, if you neproyavite him enough attention.The end of September, you can dedicate a rejuvenating beauty treatments.

Career Finance

in early September have vypolnyatzadaniya that is not quite like you, but be patient and poluchitezhelaemy result.Do not break off business ties, try not to interfere skollegami.

second half of the month will be much boleeblagopriyatnoy.You will be lucky to work with a team of understanding inachalstvom.You will be able to pay everything in their favor and strengthen svoyprofessionalny status.

By the end of September scorpions smogutnachat new projects, to conclude a successful agreement.September generally budeturozhaynym on useful contacts.Most likely, you will have to decide kvartirnyevoprosy start repairs.Financially you help your friends.


Scorpios should pay attention napitanie and the load on the legs.At long stay on his feet inesbalansirovannom diet may increase cardiovascular disease, dystonia may occur and disrupt the exchange veschestv.Provodite free time on the air and join a pool.

Scorpions poberegitepechen in early September, you can even resort to a vegetarian diet, eating otdaytepredpochtenie fruits, vegetables and fresh greens.

By the end of the month can go ochischeniemorganizma of toxins.

Goroskopna October

In October, on the way scorpions budutvoznikat obstacles, be prepared to spend a lot of effort on their preodolenie.Opasaytes deception and fraud.In October of possible clashes with konkurentami.Budte vigilant watch for others and draw conclusions.

During this period lichnyevoprosy better deal in the second half scorpions can experiment with svoeyvneshnostyu: Adjust the shape, change the hairstyle, visit kosmetologa.Prezhde all, pay attention to exercise and moderate diet is the always work.

In October, you should not start nichegonovogo, put things in order in their plans and actions in the future you are waiting lichnyepobedy.Scorpios are characterized by mood swings and bouts of apatii.Izbavitsya this will rest, unless, of course, for this is a desire ivozmozhnost.

Love, family

October scorpion lichnoyzhizni should show more initiative.Do you want to spend time with a loved one-seeing, but do not tell others about their plans.Give your loved bolshevnimaniya and take care of it.

to keep calm, vypolnyaytesvoevremenno chores.During this period the children will wait on you dobryhi wise counsel.

In the second half of the month skorpionybudut do the work on the bugs, but do not forget about the intimate pleasures imennoseychas your libido is very demanding.

Career Finance

Earlier this month, scorpions budetpostoyanno not enough time.To focus on the work and to cope stekuschimi chores, scorpions should be reduced to a minimum social events iprazdnichnye event.In October, you can realize in his career, to show independence and self-learning.After faithfully vypolnennoyraboty you probably waiting for a promotion.


In October, there can be problems spischevareniem due to irregular supply.Eat more fruits and vegetables, include in your diet foods with a high content of iron: liver, cherry, pomegranate.

Physically you feel sebenormalno, but do not forget to support the nervous system.Physical nagruzkiluchshe combine with soothing herbal teas.Nasvezhem move more air, strengthens the immune system.

Goroskopna November

Resolution affairs in November mozhetzakonchitsya as good and not so.You will need to decide spozitsiey and if need be, to defend it before the authorities.

Toward the middle of the month is not propustitenachalo new phase of life in which you will be able to fully apply the svoitakticheskie and strategic abilities and to overcome any difficulties.

the third decade can spokoynozaplanirovat informative and interesting trip.But birthday luchsheotmechat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Love, family

InNovember scorpions will experience increased cravings for pleasure and entertainment.Etomozhet considerably reduce the family budget.In finance, better trust svoeyvtoroy half.In controversial situations should not sort things out, all ravnopoterpite defeat.

children show it by example, show them how to be managed at home.

November partnerumaksimum try to pay attention to the end of the month will be the navigator scorpion family ship.

Career Finance

Noyabrstanet for scorpions fruitful period.Try to control everything, possession of the necessary information will enhance your business credibility.Your umenieubezhdat play a role in the relationship with the team.

In the second half of the month vozmozhnypoleznye business trips, it will be an excellent opportunity to achieve success vkarernom growth.

InNovember scorpions should seriously address the state of the upper respiratory disease prevention putey.Dlya gargle with brine, broth and sage izromashki.

with stressful situations will help spravitsyakontrol emotions, do not abuse alcohol, do physical and dyhatelnyeuprazhneniya.

Eat foods rich in vitamins A and E. You can also drink herbal infusions from the mother and stepmother, mint or lemon balm.