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Massage for a child up to a year

important and necessary procedure for the newborn baby, as well, and for older children, is considered a massage.It has a beneficial effect on the child's body.Massage promotes blood circulation, the whole cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal and nervous system.To massage your baby up to a year, you can hire a professional with skills to this procedure at a professional level, or try to do it yourself.

worth noting that no matter how good the massage was a specialist, no one can replace my mother's warm hands.Remember that massage is especially for babies, it is not just treatment, it is also a child's communication with his mother.

types of massage and therapeutic massage effect

There are several types of massage - preventive, corrective, therapeutic.Preventive massage is recommended to perform for the full development of the body of the child, start doing it at a time when the child is 1.5-2 months.This type of massage parents can do themselves or seek help from a professional.However,

it is recommended to consult a pediatrician before you start your own massage.

Corrective and therapeutic massages are appointed by the pediatrician.Which set of procedures will be included in them depends on the pathology revealed the baby.

By the age of 2 months the child must be examined by an orthopedic surgeon, or, according to the results of the examination and shall be appointed one or another type of massage.

Do not neglect recommendations of doctors and massage if appointed necessarily bring the baby to the procedure.This is especially important in the first year of baby's life, as does help to cope with many health problems.

very effective massage in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (clubfoot, dysplasia, flat feet, scoliosis), in diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pleurisy, rhinitis, asthma) in the therapeutic diseases (rickets, hernia, torticollis, malnutrition, hyper- and hypotonic), diseases of the digestive system, and nervous system.

If the child was born prematurely, have a certain disease, consulting a pediatrician is not a recommendation, and binding.

no need to engage in self, trust the professionals.

Contraindications to massage

baby massage is contraindicated, if he had found any of the following diseases: acute febrile diseases and other purulent inflammation of the epithelium of the skin, subcutaneous tissue in the acute phase, as well as inflammation of the lymphnodes, muscle, bone (pemphigus, eczema, lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis, impetigo, cellulitis, etc.).Massage is contraindicated in diseases that lead to brittle bones and pain, acute forms of rickets, acute forms of arthritis, tuberculosis of bones and joints, congenital heart disease, acute forms of nephritis, hepatitis of various etiologies, with large inguinal, femoral, umbilical and scrotal herniasaccompanied by the loss of the abdominal cavity, or the tendency to their infringement.In other cases, the presence of hernias may do massage, but with a mandatory fixing it emplastic bandage.

Always remember that, if the child has any health problems, then massage treatments must be carried out in strict accordance with the testimony and the treating physician, and only with the assistance of a specialist - Children masseur.