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Signs of autism in children

Symptoms of autism

great importance is the definition of autism in children under the age of eighteen months.At this age, the impact of treatment on symptoms of autism can be quite effective.But regardless of the age of your child, do not lose hope for his recovery.Treatment may reduce the effect of the disorder and help your child learn, grow and thrive.

autistic symptoms appear in infancy and early childhood, causing delays in many key areas of development, such as learning to talk, play, and interact with others.

Signs and symptoms of autism in children vary widely with the effects of the disease.Some autistic children have only minor violations, while others have more obstacles to overcome the disease.However, each child with symptoms of autism has a problem, at least to some extent, in the following three areas:

  • Communicating verbally and nonverbally
  • towards other people and the world around them
  • flexible thinking and behavior.

There are different opinions among doctors, parents and

experts about what causes autism and how best to treat it, because a lot more we do not know about it.But in one question, all agree: the early and intensive intervention helps to improve the health of the child.

Although autism is usually a lifelong condition, medical intervention and treatment can reduce symptoms and improve the skills and abilities.Treatment is best to start as soon as possible, medical care can last a lifetime.

Studies show that children with autism are attached to their parents.However, the way they express this attachment may be unusual.Both children and adults with autism typically have difficulties of interpretation of what they think and feel other people.Many people with autizmomiz had similar difficulties seeing things from the perspective of another person.A person with autism is difficult to affect the ability to predict and understand the actions of another person.

Autism can cause devastating physical and moral behavior.The trend towards loss of control over their actions might be particularly noticeable in an unfamiliar situation, which has a suppressive effect and the state of frustration.Disappointment can lead to self-harm (banging his head, pull hair or bite himself).

Early diagnosis of autism

first Parents may find most disturbing early signs of autism.You know your child better than anyone else, and to observe his behavior and quirks that can not see the pediatricians during a short examination of the child.The pediatrician can be a valuable partner, taking into account your own observations and experience.The main thing that you were able to figure out is a normal condition or there are deviations in the behavior of your baby.

Monitoring your child's development

Autism includes a variety of developmental delays, so close observation of social, emotional and cognitive stages is an effective way to detect problems early.While delays in the development does not automatically indicate autism, they may indicate a higher risk.

The measures

Every child develops at a different rate, so that parents need not panic if a child started a little late to talk or walk.When it comes to healthy development, there is a wide range of natural situations.But if your child does not carry out the main stages according to age, or you suspect of problems, share your observations with your child's doctor immediately.Do not wait!However, many caring parents say, "Do not worry" or "Wait and see."Do not wait and lose precious time.The sooner treatment begins, the more likely the child improve health.In addition, it is necessary to find out whether the delay is caused by the development of autism, or some other cause.

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