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Natural cosmetics for children

Baby Care developed according to stringent requirements spelled out for this type of product.It must be environmentally friendly, safe and gippoallergena.Its composition should be exclusively natural ingredients, the use of which has a beneficial effect on the baby's skin, prevents the development of skin dermatitis.Natural components minimize the likelihood of allergies in children.

Care with the help of cosmetics must maintain the delicate balance of the skin of the baby.A baby's skin is easily permeable, so it should not come into contact with synthetic colorings, flavorings, preservatives.That is why natural ingredients of cosmetics used in their production, should create the most favorable conditions for the healthy development of the skin.

cream for children - one of the most basic means of children's cosmetics.Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of creams for skin care of the child.This cream for daily use with a softening and moisturizing effect, protective cream against strong wind and fro

st, under the diaper cream, etc..

Almost all series of cosmetics for children are always present various means for bathing babies.They have a neutral pH, so it does not cause tears when bathing, do not irritate the eyes and skin of the baby.A natural fruit flavors, are a part of children's cosmetics, of course, like a child and swimming for it will be a great pleasure.

addition means for bath and personal care products, a series of children's cosmetics can include medical and cosmetics.It should also be established solely on the basis of natural components.In this case, curative cosmetics for children can be used both as a preventive and as therapeutic.It is designed to prevent the development of skin diseases and manifestations of allergic reactions.Experience shows that the problems with the rash of medical cosmetics solved easily and quickly.It is widely used in redness, formed when wearing diapers under light stimuli of different etiology.

When choosing natural children's cosmetics should pay particular attention to its composition.Take the time to read it, even if the components of the package are listed in very small print.Always refer to the rule that the child's cosmetics in any case should not contain synthetic ingredients.

Please note that the good companies that produce natural cosmetics for children and value their customers, always guided by the following rules:

  • not be used in the production of low-quality low-cost raw materials (wax), refined petroleum products, paraffin (mineral) oils, sothey clog the pores of the skin;
  • not use any synthetic dyes and fragrances and parabens.Cosmetics manufacturers such established solely on the basis of natural or identical to natural preservatives permitted in the manufacture of children's cosmetics.Conscientious manufacturer always give preference to raw materials cultivated in the fields of controlled or certified wild plants;
  • will not use substances of animal origin (mink oil, animal fat, animal collagen) and does not use genetically modified products.

Manufacturers of natural cosmetics certified in Russia: Aubrey-Organics, Coslys, ALPHANOVA®, Lavera Neutral, Logona, Madara, Organic & amp; Natural Baby, Weleda, GamARde, Living Nature, Sanoflore.

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