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As with his hands to make artificial flowers

As with his hands to make artificial flowers?During the preparation of material on this subject, we tried all possible ways of making artificial flowers, namely:

- manufacture color paper or napkins;

- folding flowers from tissue;

- flowers of beads;

materials can be all sorts - leather, ribbon, candy, even with the help of imagination can be turned into a bouquet of flowers.Of course, to consider all possible ways - will take a lot of time, so we suggest to familiarize with the most vending options.

Option 1 - production of flower paper.

paper flowers can decorate the apartment, table on any occasion, as with the colors of your apartment will get a festive look.Making paper flowers does not require large financial costs, but also has a simple technology that can easily replicate themselves.To make the color of the paper, you need to prepare a colored paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, compass, or something of a circular shape so that you can use as a template, glue.Initially, you need

to draw a circle the size of the desired size of the flower.The best option 135mm in diameter.Then cut a few laps, which are necessary to create a volume of a flower.Circles are reduced in proportion - less than the previous one next to 5-10mm.The total number of laps 6-8 pieces.If the drawing has not been used a compass, it is necessary to find the center of the circle.To do this, double-folded in half circle.Then circle laid out again and divided into the desired number of lobes (approximately 12).To edge colors are similar to natural, each petal give semicircular shape.Between the petals make cuts towards the center, then bend the edges of petals inside.This procedure should be followed with each round.When all circles need to be ready to lay down their one to one, starting with the largest.Then you need to secure the wheels with each other by means of adhesive or puncture all the circles through the center attaching middle of the flower.You can use a flower without stem - as a table decoration or to do stem from delays, which can be painted in green paint or colored paper wrap.

Option 2 - production of fabric flowers.

to work you will need: fabric, pattern circular shape (saucer, cup), scissors, needle and thread, a marker, a sewing machine (if any).

template for the production of flower petals which will be more, the larger will flower.The average size - a pattern with a diameter of 7.5 cm. To start pattern is transferred to the cloth (you can use scraps of fabrics).With the marker pattern is outlined on the fabric, repeat 9 times.It turns 9 laps.Use scissors to cut a circle of fabric.Each circle is divided by half.The halves are folded in half wrong side out.It will be blank petals.With straight side halves need to sew (stitch on a typewriter or by hand).Now we need to turn all the petals on the front side.Preparations took the form of small cones.They folded in half so that the seam is in the middle.Nezashity edge blanks manually going on strong thread, so going to the base petal.Consistently, without fixing the thread connecting all nine petals one by one.

When all the petals are strung, the last petal is connected to the first.The petals should fit tightly to each other and to keep good form.After tie a knot and trim the thread.Finish the flower can be garnished center of decorative beads, buttons.You can also decorate the center of the flower pompons that will remind stamens.

Option 3 - a flower from sweets.

need to buy candy in colorful wrappers, wrapping paper green, as well as transparencies and colored ribbons.Like the candy you put on a stick, twirling wrap around the cutting and fixed with green colored tape or Scotch tape.Your flower is ready.Additionally, you can make the packaging for the flower of a transparent film.You can still do the petals of colored wrapping paper and candy will serve as a center.

So, these are just some ways that you can use for the manufacture of artificial flowers.Tailor your hands flowers will satisfy their happy owners, will bring joy to you and your loved ones.

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