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Hookah smoking and its effects on the body

In this case they refer to the characteristics of smoking hookah, which is the passage of smoke through the flask with a liquid, usually water or champagne, its filtering and as a result, reducing its carcinogenic potential, as well as nicotine, phenols up to 90%fine particulate matter, benzopyrene, aromatic polycycle up to 50%.As a result, it not smoked nicotine itself, but rather its juices.In addition, hookah smoke has cleared from acrolein and acetaldehyde, which is harmful substances for the alveolar macrophages that protect the lungs and are important elements of the human immune system.The tobacco in the hookah is not in contact with the paper and an open fire, so smoke does not contain carcinogens or other products of combustion.Lit hookah harder than cigarettes, therefore, for the intense rhythm of modern life, it will not happen too often.Celebrating and taste a hookah in the mouth, and the smell in the room.

But all is not so simple.According to experts of the World Health Organization, smok

ing hookah and its effects on the body no less than the harm of smoking.Of course, the hookah has a pleasant taste and aroma provided by the mandatory addition of its tobacco leaves dried herbs and fruit pieces.However, the tobacco is tobacco with all its impurities.Therefore, non-smoking people are addicted to the hookah, as easily accustomed to cigarettes.In addition, and very nature of hookah smoking is dangerous to health.These are the findings lead opponents hookah:

  • Smoking hookah - a fairly lengthy process: 30-40minut.No doubt, the smoke inside the flask is filtered, but the volume of smoke inhaled by the smoker is much greater than the volume that is inhaled when smoking a cigarette.Thus, the damage from one session of hookah smoking is harm from cigarette packs.In addition, it is impossible to being in a flask with water to neutralize all "smoke chemistry" and the amount of beryllium, chromium, cobalt and nickel in hookah smoke is many times greater than their content in cigarette smoke.
  • hookah smokers inhale smoke, exerting more efforts to create a negative pressure inside, ensuring the passage of smoke through the filter of its liquid.Deep breathing provides deep penetration of smoke into the lungs, where substances harmful to the body absorbed most intense.
  • as traditional hookah smoking - a process group, the risk of transmission of saliva diseases (hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, etc.).
  • problem of passive smoking does not disappear.Non smoking in the company of kuriteley hookah as harmful as cigarette smokers in society.Adversely affect the health of not only carcinogenic, but also the products of combustion of charcoal, which is in the hookah combustible.
  • negative impact on human health when smoking hookah is not limited to the effects of nicotine.With slow or incomplete combustion of tobacco in the hookah is formed carbon monoxide, provoking an increase in heart rate.Heavy smokers can not smoke water pipe more than two days, which is not associated with a half-life cottonine lasting about 15 and 20 hours.

Thus, the question: "Is it harmful to hookah smoking to health?" Can be answered in the affirmative, while smoking a hookah and its effects on the body can not be very pleasant consequences.But who said that smoking in general is useful?Any smoking leads to the risk of chronic lung and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.