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Crafts: Mosaic with their hands

cortex, responsible for the work of the brush is very large in relation to other parts of the body and is comparable only to the site responsible for the functioning of the mouth, tongue, lips.Nerve impulses going from the brain to the arm and back, "practicing" this part of the cortex, affecting the development of memory, analytical thinking, concentration.Crafts - a mosaic with their hands, the thing is very amusing and wise.More talk about it today.

Hands in business: for stress relief and relaxation

mechanism of communication between the movements of the hands and speech proved long ago.The fact that the excitation of nerve fibers is transferred to a specialized part of the brain, which in turn controls the operation.The more complex and finer movements of the hands, the more excited this part of the brain.Spreading, excitement moves to the area of ​​the cerebral cortex responsible for speech.This process - the process of irradiation, actively captures the speech center.That is why man is easie

r to say that if he ever does in this moment arms (turning the handle, glasses and so on.).This fact can use speakers - before the speech, you can sort through the rosary, massaging hands.There are special balls made of expensive wood, which can roll over in his hand.Many women who love various kinds of needlework, they say that during knitting, sewing or embroidery, they calm down, can rethink everything that happened to them quickly comes the perfect solution of the actual problem.Feminine Stress Reliever - Needlework - helps to cope with the experiences of the labor of the day, to overcome anger, distraction from negative thoughts."Start knitting, not because there is nothing to wear, and for stress relief. And the truth helps."Crafts helps relieve stress.Women notice that for needlework "relax" is not only the brain, but also the facial muscles, and thus relaxes the skin, smooths wrinkles, which is so important for the beauty of women.

All for exclusivity and creativity

moral satisfaction - this is the same anti-stress pill.Looking at patterns embroidered, sewn skirt associated vest obtain extremely satisfying, made with his own hands.According to the observations of employees of shops selling goods for needlework, buyers are more and more, they are younger, and it's not just women.Products related hand always in great demand, and also exclusive knitwear are now at the height of fashion.Moms for stress can make toys for their kids.It is an exciting experience, which can be applied not only skills, but also creativity.

Homework for the benefit of

It is important that child performs some things around the house with my mother, which may not have enough time to play with him.For example, the joint modeling dumplings and pies are not only brings together mother and baby, but also develops the fingers.Among other things, cleaning the apartment, cabinet, drawer, the woman "puts things in order in my head."When she lays out things in their places on the shelves, unbeknownst to her thoughts, too, find their place, their "shelves".Needlework - is, above all, a nice way to relieve stress.It is important that a woman wakes up femininity, she is distracted, finding solutions to problems, structures of thought, at the same time realizes itself.

Salfetnyh maker

Decoupage - fashionable now a hobby that anyone can learn.From beautiful napkins carve figures and kleite the surface you want to decorate.After priming, painting and glaze obtained finished products.For decoupage using only the top three layers of tissue - the one with the pattern.A little patience, plus a fantasy - and interesting artifact is ready.

new life colors

Breathe this life is you can, having mastered the ancient art of ikebana.Japanese, and it is their invention, cut flowers and branches, breathe new life into them, creating a composition that reflect the relationship between the earth, the heavens and the man.Inner peace, harmony and pleasure of the creative process are guaranteed.

Shred to shreds

How to turn completely unnecessary pieces of cloth in an exclusive and useful thing?Patchwork - patchwork stitching skills come to us from our foremothers budget and turned into an art form.The main thing - well-chosen pieces by color and sew neatly.

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