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Crafts - manufacturing of products with their own hands

Another friend of mine, a school teacher, in his spare time, the master and do needlework, creating jewelry from beads and accessories ready.She used to "bring to mind" finished jewelry purchased for himself, but once familiar to the owner of the studio wedding toilets Kate offered to do custom necklace for the bride: a dress there, and there is no suitable jewelry.Kate quickly coped with the order, was terribly proud of the results and, as they say, was involved: find sites Minded start upload photos of their creations online, receive orders.Earnings fiddling reason Katya passions quite different: the first order coincided with a divorce, so she with the help of handicraft whole year "to dispel" went from depression.When the adjustment period has passed, interest in Boucicaut also almost extinct - because, occasionally, when suddenly gets in the eyes interesting model or someone of your friends would ask.

30 years ago women in the Soviet Union
forced to become skilled workers of all trades: knittin

g, sewing, baked, pickled, wove napkins, macrame and making curtains for the kitchen door of the line and rolls of colored paper (remember this masterpiece?) At 90th years of hand-made items moved into the category of sleaze, contemptuously referred to as "samopalom."And now in the XXI century, our services supermarkets and boutiques, and for some reason we have rushed back needlework.Yes, it is scrambled!It is enough to enter the network and type "hand-made" to get links to thousands of sites: the video workshops, forums, shops where you can buy materials for crafts - manufacture of products with their own hands and are author's works.In October 2009, Kiev hosted the first festival hobbies "Hobby Fest", in which about 10 workshops was dedicated to everything that makes his hands from drawing to knitting with beads.In December, another festival, "Book World", the organizers of which are included in the program, in addition to conventional measures okololiteraturnyh, some unexpected master classes for bumagovareniyu, beech-art (made by hand books), book illustrations, calligraphy.The main feature of this mass enthusiasm handmade - completely voluntary and unforced these activities.After all, you can buy anything (in extreme cases, abroad or on the Internet), and things made by their hands are not always cheaper than ready.For example, Felt lovers or felting, and simply - felting wool acquire for your hobby dorogushchuju New Zealand wool and special needles.Kits for making toys (with patterns, fabrics and accessories) are more expensive than ready-made products.Of course, you can play the cheap wool and handicrafts toys from scraps, drawing patterns from the Web.Most people do.But in any case, the meaning of this hobby - not exactly in the economy.And what?

Universal Soldier Fashion

The most obvious explanation
- fatigue stamped public goods.Even designer evening dresses sometimes occur on the red carpet, in duplicate, to his chagrin of the owners.What can we say about factory products.Crafts - manufacture of articles with his own hands, has become increasingly popular among young people.Taking things go down the assembly line, we lose our uniqueness, we begin to feel the universal soldiers, robots.

man after all, is different from the robot imperfection.Embroidering a towel or sock vyvyazyvaya, we even try, we can not repeat the model of a hair's breadth.The mood has changed, and now the thread lay down otherwise.Why natural stones are more valuable than artificial?Cracks, uneven color blotches insects - all that distinguishes one stone on another, my ring on your, and hence me from you. "

Besides being ready to depersonalize things - they are still "cold", "heartless."The car is assembled on an assembly line, it looks perfect and perfectly served, but you can not tell who made it.It is embedded impersonal work of thousands of people."At the beginning of the XX century it was separated from the product of labor rights.Before people own grown vegetables, master furniture, stitch shoes.Master knife conceived and carried out his plan.Now one person makes the drawing, the other - terms of reference, hundreds of people grind out the details ... and as a result the author of the idea of ​​a very weakly bound to the result of its implementation.From the initial idea there is little left to the same takes a long time until you get the final product.And important for people to see the direct result of their work, because it is - the embodiment of their own realization, and do needlework - manufacturing of products with their own hands a lot easier.

Today we are surrounded by a lot of things, the principle of which we are not clear: television, mobile phone, microwave oven.Machines are becoming more intelligent ourselves.Misunderstanding creates anxiety, discomfort.Therefore, a person seeks to bring back to the product itself, to return to naturalness, at least in part.By creating something with their own hands, if we pass the things of themselves, their souls.And we get from the process of the birth of his offspring a great pleasure. "

One doll = 3 chocolates

the West handmade appreciated long ago, foreigners have always admired our napkins and knitted blouses, which are created due to the handicraft - manufacturing of products with their own hands, "Oh, it's a hand-made!"This is understandable - because the West did not have to go through a long period of public deficit and, as a consequence - a maniacal love of the Italian boot, Levis jeans and other "firm".

many trendy types of needlework came to us from there - mainly from the United States.The local housewives, on the one hand, attached to the house of the children, on the other - before we were freed from tedious household work through a variety of drying-sinks-beater.Remaining time they spend creatively.For example, make beautiful family "memorable" photo albums (scrapbooking), greeting cards (kardmey-king), toys.

wildly popular around the world enjoy the book Tone Finnanger Norwegians, who came up with a special kind of interior dolls in a primitive style - angels, ballerinas, various small animals with recognizable muzzles.All of them are called "tildes" - on behalf of the first doll, which appeared out of the hands of Washington.Books Freken Finnanger dedicated to the manufacture of toys and interior decoration, not translated into Russian, but local tildomanki posted them on the Web, and even partially moved.American and Europeans sew these dolls made of special fabrics and painted with special paints brand Tilda, and our ingenuity to excel: a cheap paint Sitchikov tea or coffee instead of paints used cosmetics.And such a tilde out - sight for sore eyes!

Another popular hobby
- soap-making or writing a copyright spirits.You do not need any special talents, enough to master the technology and a little imagination.Shavings of baby soap, milk, glycerin, honey, herbal, cocoa, chocolate, a little patience - and you can arrange a session in the bath anti-stress therapy with their own products, smelling like sweet shop.With spirits, which make up of essential oils, of course, more complicated, and not the fact that will turn something sensible, but the main thing - not the result but the process.

from a read-only endless websites dedicated to hand-made, mouth-watering.And try to go to the store for needlework!A certain Scrapbooking Expert admits in his blog that recently conducted an audit of reserves and with great regret that it was convinced that there were no ribbons bumazhechek, sequins and flowers she did not have to buy the next hundred years.

Crafts - manufacture of articles with his own hands, is a happy exception to the rule: "All that is nice - either illegal or immoral, or causes obesity."Making a doll replaces three chocolates, I know from my own experience.So that is another obvious reason for the craze needlework - the global financial crisis, which requires inexpensive and effective method of getting rid of anxiety.

stars too knit

Crafts - manufacturing of products with their hands, certainly not a universal trend.There are people who did not pull to do something hands, there are those who believe it is pointless and mind-numbing task."Colleagues in the accounts all the polls knit because, they say, so cheap to put the whole family.Why in the time that is spent on knitting, these women do not master the international system of the accounts do not learn English?Then they begin to earn three times as much! "However, first, as has been said, the economy is almost never true motive handy people.Secondly, needlework does not preclude success.Elena Hanga embroiders, actress Elena Valyushkina Elena (Maria of the "Formula of Love") paints furniture and master figures of beads.Natalia Gundareva loved to knit.There are among the famous men rukodelnikov Alexei Petrenko makes furniture.Crafts engaged even Hollywood celestials from which you do not expect anything like this.Eva Herzigova makes sculptures out of clay.And Orlando Bloom in between shots sitting at a potter's wheel and sculpt pots.

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