Timothy and Shishkov parted forever?

as a simple girl from Tyumen won the heart of Timothy?

Alain grew very creative girl: his native Tyumen she studied singing, learned to play the guitar and won local beauty contests.Three years ago, she won the beauty crown second "Vice-Miss Russia", and then signed a contract with the capital modeling agency.

Alain Shishkov Vice Miss Russia

provincial life into a string of shows in Russia and abroad, photo shoots and parties.Start making money, Alain decided to invest in their appearance.The clinic in Los Angeles, she made a rhinoplasty and increased lips.

Alain Shishkov rhinoplasty and increased lip

Shishkov Timothy met on the set of the movie.Naturally, the controversial rapper could not miss the blonde doll with puffy lips, who came to film in running shoes and track suit.Unlike other models, Shishkov did not defile to Timothy in a swimsuit than provoke further interest in Man.

first couple declassified their relationship in 2013: Allen was accompanied by her boyfriend at the contest "Song of the Year."Lovers do not give any comments press, and blond beauty in ever

y way showed his annoyance by increased attention from the media.

Alain Shishkov and Timothy together

How to tell their common friends, Timothy very long courting Alain: gave her a bouquet with 101 rose and wrote romantic sms, when she left to Tyumen.Then, the couple decided to live together, but the wedding and Timothy Shishkova did not take place.

Alena Roman Shishkova and Timati

Shishkov Why hide the pregnancy?

When Shishkov on time left Moscow in the Dominican Republic, one did not even know she is pregnant.Timothy hiding it even from his friends.But Allen continued to spread in Instagram and familiar self sexy photos.How would then resourceful law wife Timothy advance caused a lot of photos to conceal his position.

Pregnant Alain Shishkov

order to avoid too much attention and pressure of the press, the singer has decided to send a pregnant Alain in the Dominican Republic, where pre-shot luxury villa in Santo Domingo.In the same country, she gave birth to a daughter, Alice.Caring Timothy present at birth, and even cut the umbilical cord.In his Instagrame he immediately shared good news with subscribers and wrote that Alice was born weighing 4 kg and 53 cm rise.

Timothy with a newborn daughter in her arms

To help his beloved Timothy sent to the Dominican Republic for his mother and au pair.Young parents decided to - to return to Moscow in a few months, to the daughter of Timothy and Shishkova still soak up the Dominican sun.

Shishkov and his daughter Alena

Even the birth of a child is not sharing a couple forced to get married.But Timothy did not stop to fill up your favorite bouquets and gifts.He bought plane tickets to confess his love Allen and give her flowers, and then came back to Moscow.Friends of the singer noted that he has changed a lot after the birth of Alice, became more serious and responsible.

As the daughter of Timothy lives?

When the weather in the Russian capital improved, civil wife Shishkov Timothy Allen decided to return home.The move was given her very hard: she was used to a hot climate, exotic fruits and a walk along the ocean.Noisy and restless capital seemed to her a living hell!But Timothy was determined that parents need to be with my daughter.By Alena return he gave her a luxurious gift - white Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen 10m. Rubles.

Timothy gave Alain Shishkova machine

little later showed Shishkov subscribers brand new Rolex watch for 12 thousand. Euro.

Timothy gave Alain Shishkova Rolex Watches

reporters at the airport was able to make exclusive photos of the family returning star.They noted gorgeous figure Alena that just three months ago became a mother.It turned out that the model of many swimming, sports and adhere to a strict diet.All of this has helped it quickly gain their attraction.

Alain Shishkov after childbirth

After returning favorite women, Timothy engaged in not only education, but also the style of his daughter.Judging from the photos in Instagram, daughter of Timothy in the first months bathed in the brand.The child just went to 4 months, and parents have already started to build her own wardrobe!

Wardrobe and daughter Timothy Shishkova

young father does not stint on expensive shoes, shirts and dresses for the beloved daughter.However, subscribers are often accused of the singer that he puts Alice as a boy.

Photo Timothy and daughter Shishkova

Fans Timothy really noticed a change in his idol.Particularly popular was the picture where the frame feeding daughter from a bottle.He added the caption: "As long as my wife Alena at work, I look at my baby and feed him."

Timothy feeds his little daughter

March 19 Alice celebrated its first birthday.At this time it is difficult to be confused with a boy: crisp white dress and a magnificent white flower on her head made the girl look like a princess.But black suede shoes with skulls clearly betrayed my father's style.Civil wife Timothy Allen donned tight dress showing sexy figure of a girl.

Daughter of Timothy and Shishkova 1 year

congratulate Alice came closest relatives.All party guests observe white dress code.But a holiday photographs began to appear unflattering comments: subscribers began to argue that the couple no longer live together, and all these happy family photos just a farce ...

Timothy and Shishkov broke up?

time went on, Alice grew up, and his wife Timothy Shishkov did not become the official wife of the frame.Moreover, subscribers began to notice that the blonde has ceased to spread family photos.On the question of a possible split in pairs she said that is not going to ever post a photo of the child and Timothy to create an image perfect pair.

Alain returned to modeling activities and education of Alice do grandmothers and nannies.It is clear that the model has ceased to pay attention to Timothy.She recently returned from another trip and immediately posted a touching photo with the baby.

Alain Shishkov with a small daughter

But not this picture has caused frenzied excitement in the press.The real scandal was the picture of Alena a player Anton Shunin.Under this post she left a touching heart, alluding to a romantic relationship with a nice guy.

Alain Shishkov and Anton Shushin

At the same time, Anton Shunin posted SELF Alena.The couple looks very beautiful and harmonious.Under a photo footballer left ambiguous comment: 'Everything is transparent, clear and understandable to us! "Most of subscribers surprised pronoun, written in large letters.Does it that star add a new couple?By the way, before the affair with Timothy Allen also met with the players - goalkeeper of Kiev "Dynamo" and national team of Ukraine Maxim Koval.

Self Anton Shunina Alena Shishkova

More puzzles adds mother Timati - Simon.She recently published a photo in which Timothy Allen and kiss the little Alice.The couple looks happy and touching.

Shishkov and Timothy with his daughter

What happens in the relationship model and frame?While young parents do not give any comments, and the public is already thinking about how and with whom their daughter left.Most likely, it will be engaged in the education of Simon's grandmother, because she took care of a baby from the first days of her life.But Timothy short will miss the blond beast.Rumor has it that he spun an affair with another model - Anastasia Reshetova.

New passion Timothy Model Anastasiya Reshetova

Meanwhile, law wife Timothy puts a photo of flowers that she gave Shunin.They romp around town in his blue «Bentley», attending social events, and even spend the night together.Footballer strongly evades questions about privacy and does not comment on their communication with the bride Timothy.But all the evidence indicates that Shunina Shishkova and began a romantic relationship.

Alain Shishkov in the car Anton Shunina

What was the reason for the gap Timothy and Alena?Perhaps the 22-year-old model was not ready for motherhood and decided to enjoy the youth in the arms of sexy football and build a career.Or maybe loving Timothy did not dare to become a family man and went into the town red.

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