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Vitamins for immunity children 3 years

Now with "immunodeficiency" is facing a lot of people, especially children.As practice shows, in 3-year-olds often immune system is weakened and is not able to fully cope with their responsibilities, which is why children are more often and longer colds, pustular diseases, viral infections.To break this vicious circle Immunopreparat used in combination with the right lifestyle and a balanced diet.At present, children are increasingly assigned different drugs that increase immunity.Today, fortunately, a large number of pharmacies selling drugs that boost the immune system, in addition, they are quite tasty (for children this is important), and not "nasty."

Consider the most common drugs that are able to lift the immunity of the child 3 years.

purchasing vitamins for children, do not be guided by reviews of other parents.The choice should influence the recommendations pediatrician and study annotation that is attached to the drug.

most popular children's vitamins

Multi-tabs - children's vitamins th

at children and parents are in great demand.

Children multitabs vitamins are available in several forms:

Multitabs baby - vitamins for children up to 3 years.The chewable composition (so releases these vitamins) includes 7 11 vitamins and minerals that are essential to the child.

Multitabs calcium - vitamin for children to 7 years.Multitabs calcium is optimally balanced set of vitamins and minerals to ensure proper formation of the dental system and the musculoskeletal system.

Vitrum - children's vitamins are produced for a fairly wide age group - from 1 year up to fourteen years.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are produced without artificial colors and completely hypoallergenic.

Next step popularity is children's vitamins jungle, which are also available for children of different age categories.However, high demand complex, designed for children up to a year.Vitamins are available in the form of drops.The complex includes:

  • Vitamin A - is involved in the formation of color, in the process of adaptation of the child at birth.Vitamin A is necessary for normalizing the immune system tissue regeneration.
  • Vitamin D3 - is needed for the proper metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.Vitamin D3 prevents the development of rickets.
  • Vitamin C - is responsible for the child's body resistance to infections, with the vascular permeability.In addition, vitamin C has an important role in redox processes that occur in the body of the child.

Next come children's vitamins Centrum.Vitamin-mineral complex, nourishing hair and nails.In addition, these children's vitamins prescribed to prevent rickets.The structure of this complex includes such vitamins:

  • Vitamin E, which is considered a powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin A ensures healthy mucous membranes and skin, good vision.
  • Vitamin C provides the body the ability to fight infections, the immune system.
  • B vitamins and the need to ensure the normal course of a number of chemical processes in the child's body.
  • Magnesium is necessary for normal development and functioning of the muscular and skeletal systems.
  • Iron prevent iron deficiency anemia.This trace mineral is essential for the normalization of hemoglobin levels.

The article presents only some vitamin complexes, in fact, the range of vitamins more.It is therefore not recommended to get vitamins in a beautiful package of unknown firms, which can be painted calcium (at best).Uses of these drugs will not, but the damage they can cause, for example, cause severe allergic reactions.