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The health of children under one year

So, the first month after birth.During the first month of life the baby goes adapting to the new conditions of life, adapting and all organs and systems of the child.A common problem that arises in this period of life, it's colic - a sharp pain in the gut caused by gases that cause bloating baby.Colic usually extend to three months, they are more concerned about boys than girls.Especially affected the gastrointestinal tract children, mothers who give birth by Caesarean section.The reason for this is used anesthesia, antibiotics (if the child was attached directly to the chest), delayed breastfeeding.It is important to use methods of prevention of colic, such as frequent putting some baby on his tummy, the use of heat (ie, diarrhea, the child in her arms, belly pressed to his body), put the baby on his tummy tёplenky compress, use a light massage.In the case where conventional methods of elimination of colic do not help, you should resort to the use of drugs or antikolikovyh vapor tube.All aspects of t

he health of the baby neonatal period must be justified with a doctor who can give quality advice.

After the first month of a child's life should be a consultation with key experts, primarily a neurologist and an orthopedist.Podiatrist should exclude malformations baby, especially hip dysplasia, torticollis.The earlier detected a possible abnormality, the easier it will be to eliminate and prevent the abnormal development.The children born as a result of caesarean section, the first year of life should be seen by a neurologist.

After the first month of life the child's doctor appointment appoints prophylactic vitamin D (from September through April).

The month is also important to deliver the basic blood and urine tests, especially if you plan to vaccinate.

main indicators for the healthy development of children under one year are: height, weight, head circumference.These figures are estimated in accordance with the generally established norms of growth and development.

In three months child should already be able to hold his head to respond to the sounds and movements of adults.

indicator of the health of the baby is sleeping.Restless sleep signals about problems in the health of the little man.

In the first year of life, the basic vaccination is introduced to the main diseases.

With fifth month baby becomes more active, so in this period must be especially attentive to their child in order to avoid possible injuries.If, however, the fall occurred, it is important to pay attention to the behavior of the child and if there is any doubt (anxiety, prolonged crying, etc.) need to see a doctor.

With sixth month (breastfeeding) to introduce solid foods, so from this period, it is important to organize the diet of the baby.

to six months the child fights infections using the mother's antibodies obtained through the umbilical cord.If a baby on artificial feeding, then seventh month begins "verification of immunity", ie the body itself begins to fight with others infections.

With eleventh month baby becomes very vulnerable to infections around.The disease usually manifests high fever.Since little kids are prone to febrile seizures, the Talk with your pediatrician about how to reduce possible hyperthermia.

In twelve months , even if the child is absolutely healthy, you need to be examined by a main profile specialists (orthopedic, ENT, dentist, neurologist).This will give an opportunity to assess the health of your baby.

Remember, the health of children in your hands.Proper care, lure, knowledge and application hardening bases baby massage, gymnastics will be accompanied by the harmonious growth and development of your child.