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The health of children in school

surrounding healthy school environment

significant part of their lives, children spend in school.Very often the school facilities do not meet health and safety standards and are at increased risk to children's health.

There are many steps the parents and the teacher team, contributing to a healthy environment of the school.Developed a variety of programs that children's health is protected in one of the important places in their lives - school.Health students in the school depends largely on the quality of the water they use, clean air indoors.

Area School

school placement and design are examples of the effect on the health of children a certain environment in which they spend most of their time.When a child goes to school, which is located at a considerable distance from home, it deprives him of the opportunity to actively move.The child has to get to school by public transport.And this is a high probability of occurrence of infectious diseases and nervous tension that adversely affects the h

ealth of the student.

Many schools are designed and reconstructed in view of promoting children's health and their performance.These schools are equipped with large windows that allow plenty of light, fresh air and open space, as well as used construction materials that do not pose danger to the health of children.

parks and green spaces around the school are yet another example of the built environment that contributes to the health of children.Studies show that the majority of children have benefited from the opportunity to play and engage in outdoor sports.Playgrounds and sports facilities, safe routes leading to and from school back home - it is an invaluable strategy for the design community, which is beneficial for children's health.

Motor activity

physical activity for children is one of the most important factors supporting the general welfare, which affects all aspects of health - physical, psychological and social.

Motor activity develops the muscles and helps maintain an ideal weight, reduces the risk of various diseases.Physical education of children in school is the key to good health for many years.

Healthy Eating

One of the main indicators of good health is proper nutrition students.The role of nutrition in maintaining the health of children is very high.

Nutrition of children in school is of great importance to their health.The composition of the products coming in the school cafeteria, is strictly controlled.The structure of a nutritious diet should include fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic substances and trace elements.For the healthy nutrition of children must be more than forty essential substances.Among them is the fiber that promotes food residues through the intestines.

Features of action of tobacco and alcohol

Smoking, unfortunately, today is a very widespread harmful habit among children, who are studying in school.Their health may be undermined already at school.About the dangers of smoking know everything, but not all students can abandon it.Smoking affects, primarily, on the nervous system, mental activity leads to morning coughing and discomfort in the heart and the digestive tract.

consumption of alcohol brings irreparable harm to the health of children.Alcohol causes cerebral circulation, destroys the vessels in the brain and causes disturbances in psychic development.Communicate with children, talks about the dangers of smoking and alcohol.This will keep your child's health and protect against adverse effects.

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