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Awkward age, what is it?

But the young man, in the literal meaning of those words, now especially important to support parents.If while he was a child, he needed care and love, now we need understanding, acceptance and unobtrusive explanation of what is happening with him and his world.

At this time in your child there is nothing permanent, hormonal storm changed his body and hit the brain that are ready to boil on that familiar and comfortable world imperceptibly ceased to be such.At puberty man he finds himself - his "I", laid and develop devotion and loyalty, the ability to critically assess the events and objects that are not blindly rely on the opinion of the authorities.

awkward age that is, what elements it is made?

Firstly: the emotional maturation.

inside all boils teenagers from different feelings and emotions, many of them up to this point he had not, and those that seem to be familiar with and gain an unexpected, almost painfully acute.The main of them - the feeling of fear, sometimes not even informed.

Fear not be like others, did not turn out to be weaker, which is why the teenager will not talk with their peers about their problems.Because he is afraid of condemnation by adults for a variety of reasons, so he, too, does not seek to talk to them.He tries to push them as the reason for his fear.

teenager begins to actively seek the company of peers - because they are the same and do not help to break out from the crowd, you can constantly look at what they are used and how to copy the behavior of a child.But the world contains many temptations, and without adult supervision teenager naturally tends to taste them.

task of parents at this time to look after your child, but not to make him total control, this will only get worse.Do not lecture but quietly talk about what was happening to him, explaining and showing support.

Recognition of their puberty.

It is truly a hard process.Former child discovers a strange attraction to the opposite sex, I want to touch and see to find out how they differ from it.But this is impossible, it is condemned by adults, it is condemned peers envy the courage.Hormones are pushing it to the young people of the opposite sex, you want something unknown and incomprehensible.And all around trying to hide his fear and envy for ridicule, that wound is very painful.For a teenager it is very important to learn to critically refers to such attacks in his address, to learn to accept criticism, not as an excuse to call the offender's nose, but as an occasion to reflect.

social maturation and release from parental care.

among the same teens as he gradually moves your child up from child to adult behavior, self behaviors.He learns to take responsibility for their actions and consciously make decisions and responsibility.What used to be the responsibility of the game, now it becomes a fact of life.Gradually, he comes from the care of parents and begins to live independently, with your mind.

Intelligent maturation and choice of profession.

At some far from beautiful, often very painful moment a young man discovers that the authorities may not be such as to blindly follow them is not necessary.What you need to check everything he says "authenticity", which often need to think for yourself.

Gradually the adolescent form a stable group of permanent interest.Through it is the realization of their future profession.At the beginning of this throwing between prestigious and highly paid, but then he finds his.

Yves conclusion - that this transitional age?This is just one of the stages of the formation of the new man.One of the most recent, is finding your child self and independence.This transformation of the parents of uncontested authority and honor God in each other.Or the enemy.It all depends on your sensitivity.Good luck.

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