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My first teacher

In "our" time, teachers did not choose.Children were more people were simpler, teachers ... In fact, they then have enough different: both professionals and people wandered into the profession by accident.But parents have to rely on fate.After all, "strike a pose", they say, that teacher does not suit me, post-ka another, it was absolutely unacceptable.And that, to complain about the teacher, not out of the question.Respect for the profession was unshakable.Unfortunately, this is not used by many on the right.Parents could only hope for a better life for his child or to seek in every way to the existing approaches mentor.Approaches, by the way, were already oh how different!

Now everything is different.Parents not only an opportunity to choose a school for your child, but also to meet with teachers in advance, compare, choose the best.That's just about the best concept in this case is very subjective.Key selection criteria - age, teaching experience, category, personal qualities.So, who is given a pref

erence - a young teacher who recently graduated from university or the one to teach about "the dog ate?"Typically, the top takes the second.But the method by which most teachers teach "in years" has long been out of date.Time dictates its approach to the youth of today, and to teaching in general, and children engaged in Soviet patterns now quite interesting.Younger teachers also have the chance to be with the kids "on the same wavelength", of course, with the right approach and a certain diligence.They are not oppressed by the Soviet school of templates, more free in his judgments.

Now category.I personally witnessed how parents almost had a fight for a place in the classroom from the teacher to the highest category.But after talking with other teachers, I heard: "Yes it is simply careerist!The main thing is that everything was perfect on paper, and children - to the background.Those putting on the category - this tape!All his spare time-consuming!When the child is already here approaches seek to develop methods so ... "And again personally witnessed how then in the middle of the school year, some parents have moved their children from the class of the teacher in the other - without any category.

Well and the personal qualities you can talk endlessly.What still needs to be a teacher?Hard to say.My first teacher was ugly, some angular, with the eternally unkempt mop of black hair-prechёrnyh.We, the children at first were afraid to approach her and called "Baba Yaga,".But the next day ran headlong into the classroom, in anticipation of the meeting.And the first four years we're more in love with her - good, smart, loving children and living to, their interests, their problems.Two years ago, she was gone.And we - former students - learning about it, came from all over the country.I also came to the city of his childhood, to pay tribute to my first teacher.

do not know how a teacher should look like has to teach himself.I do not know have to say - I know only one thing: he must love their job and love children.But parents still have to choose.May God grant us all make the right choice.