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How to prepare a child for school

How to determine that the child is ready for school and to learn?

All the children - very bright and independent person who sensitive to the restriction of their freedom of action and thought.But just in schools, there are many restrictions, conditions and rules that are not always apparent to the child, and, accordingly, are sometimes meaningless.

experienced teachers and psychologists determine the degree of readiness of the child to school is not only intelligent, but also on the physical parameters of the child.These two indicators are crucial for admission to the school, as the specifics of training programs in our region implies the maximum load of the child and intellectually, and physically, for example, the ability to carry a backpack full of school books, notebooks, perform tasks on the lessons of physical culture.

Also, in determining whether a child is ready to learn, you should take into account the desire of the child to go to school and learn what he has formed an opinion about the s

chool and about learning in general.Rather, the child already knows a lot about the school from kindergarten teachers, parents and friends and will seek as soon as possible to go to school, because it is "already high".But it is very disturbing fact is that the child does not want to learn and go to school.In this case, you need to find out the reasons for this reluctance and urgent to find ways to resolve this problem, as even the most talented children will not be able to achieve success in their studies, if they do not want.

And the last, the most important factor of child's readiness for school - this is his way of thinking, the ability to analyze information and to reflect on the task.Some parents understand that as a child's ability to learn the material, but for a quality education a child should be able to think about the task and delivered teacher draw their own conclusions, and not "memorize" the program without understanding.

Preparing for school - when it start?

Most psychologists and educators believe that the preparation of the child for school begins at an early age, since birth.That's right, as in kindergarten and communicating with parents the child receives his first knowledge.Basically this knowledge, of course, general, calculated on ordinary child.Therefore, the pre-school child should be taken into account the fact that all children are different and have different talents, which need to be developed and encouraged.It is also important to analyze the child's ability, to identify strengths and weaknesses in its development, and, where possible, try to correct these shortcomings in the development and knowledge gaps.If the problem can not be solved by yourself, it is desirable not later than one year before entering school to see a specialist to help prepare for school.

also excellent preparation for school can be special courses for preschoolers, who are organized in groups at school.Study in such groups not only helps the child to acquire new knowledge, but also to get used to the new environment and work in a group.In these groups of children are usually written five or six years, and the main methods of teaching in these groups is a gradual training of the child the basic skills of drawing and numeracy.But do not give the child to express rates because rapid learning in order to "drive" the child of knowledge may generate mistrust of study and school.

also a major factor in the child's learning in groups for preschoolers is the performance of individual homework.Homework help parents better understand their child's abilities and help fill gaps in knowledge.

Currently, many parents and teachers argue that, with some knowledge of the child should go to school.The most common and correct opinion is that before entering the school or the parents of kindergarten teachers must give the child a basic knowledge - know the letters and numbers, the ability to read small words, pencil and paint, cut with scissors image ... If there are doubts about the readiness of the child,it is best to consult with his future teachers about what are the requirements for future students.In the case of gaps in the skills of the child's parents can correct them yourself.

But the most important thing in preparing a child for school is necessary to consider his individual abilities and talents to evaluate your child adapt to new social groups.Proper evaluation of these qualities and help in case of any problems will help the child to successfully adapt to the school and to receive from the learning process, not only knowledge, but also the joy and pleasure.

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