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Symbols Year of the Black Water Snake

symbolically snake

ochenboyatsya Many of this year Snake, because the animal is usually associated skhitrostyu and resourcefulness.Snakes often do not like, they cause fear, revulsion and disgust.Image zmeitesno associated with life and death.No wonder people are afraid of these creatures.Vsemizvestno that symbol of the snake is also mentioned in the Bible and it represents samogodyavola, the tempter.But in fact, not so dramatic as it seems things first glance.We must not forget that the new year - it's just simvolzhivotnogo year on the Chinese calendar.And not necessarily endure vseotritsatelnye associations related reptiles at The onset 2013god.In addition, from time immemorial the snake is also considered to be wise and moguschimisuschestvami.And who does not remember the image of a snake and a bowl?After all, it represents health iyunost.

Symbolics 2013

So, the coming year is the year of Black Water Snake.This was consistent with the green, blue, metallic and fioletovyytsveta.According

to the advice of astrologers and psychics to create blagopoluchnoyatmosfery family in the coming year, in the first place, you must izbavitsyaot characters of the previous year (not necessarily to throw, you can prostoperemestit the pantry, for example), and secondly, you must give each drugusimvol, a statuette of this yearsnake.Let this statue or a toy will be black, blue or metallic color.This is the best way to put on vidnoemesto apartment.It is necessary to put the snake in a sheltered place, such as a closet.And togdasimvol year will protect your family, bring happiness, money iblagopoluchie.After all, as you know, all kinds of snakes like shelter.

symbol zmeimozhet help establish the health of your loved ones.For this neobhodimovzyat photo of your family to light the four candles around her and postavitstatuetku in the form of a snake in front of your family photos.Mentally, the total health serdtsapozhelat all your rodnym.Dat until the end burn candles and ogarkiotnesti the river or some other body of water.

Simvolaminastupivshego year will be any ukrasheniyaiz metals in the form of a snake.It may be rings, earrings, bracelets and dazheozherelya.If you lack peace of mind, you can priobrestiukrashenie a snake curled into the ring.This mascot will pridavatzhenschine sense of tranquility, balance and peace.If you priobreteteukrashenie in this form, it is desirable that it be of metal boleetemnogo color.

If you, on the contrary, do not have enough willpower, the hardness in the character, then you can safely pokupatukrasheniya in the form of a snake on the staff.Such a way of decorations suitable longer-willed people, will help to correct prinyatiyaresheniya, people-careerists.

Mozhnopobalovat yourself appease with the symbol of the new year, buying clothes or novogobelya a snake okrasa.Esli you have to hike to a serious interview, wearing tights ilikofta a scaly skin do not promise you much success.To symbol of the year brings you good luck and gave strength nasobesedovanii can simply wear underwear, which are elements of simvolazmei or brooch in the form of a reptile.

Naiboleedeystvennym and productive will be the symbol of the snake for women who want to get pregnant but breathtaking backdrop.So the girls recommended virtually snimatukrasheniya as of this year, and worn as a talisman a small snake brooch on any element of your clothes.Snake takzheotozhdestvlyaetsya with the nature, the tide of female power, the potential energy that inspires the spirit ifizicheskuyu nature, the essence of a woman.

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