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Acute and chronic pyelonephritis in children

also often agents of pyelonephritis have E. coli, Proteus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.When abnormal development of the kidneys and urinary tract child talk about congenital diseases.It can be caused by disorders of pregnancy, and kidney disease in the mother.

infection penetrates into the renal pelvis in two ways:
- ascending path - through the urethra;
- hematogenous route - the infection enters the blood from the other chamber in the body.

risk of pyelonephritis in a child is enhanced if:
- lowered immunity (hypothermia endured cold, the child is often sick);
- in the body contains centers of a chronic infection (tonsillitis, sinusitis, cholecystitis, carious teeth);
- congenital or acquired diseases of the genitourinary system (vesico-renal reflux impaired patency of the ureter, urethra stenosis, hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease).

first signs

It is important to recognize the onset of the disease.For the detection of the disease need to know what pyelonephritis in children is acute

and chronic:
1. Acute pyelonephritis - Its features include a sharp increase in temperature to 39 degrees, which is accompanied by chills, headache, sweating and vomiting.The skin turns pale at the same time, the child becomes sluggish.Older children complain of one or bilateral pain in the lumbar region, persistent or recurrent.Babies begin to behave restlessly and crying before and during urination.If the infection went into the bladder or urethra, the pyelonephritis is accompanied by frequent urination and abdominal pain.Voltage characteristic of the abdomen and pain arising from the lumbar palpation.For young children, acute pyelonephritis is a severe infectious disease that affects the operation of all organs.

2. And chronic pyelonephritis :

- the baby's body temperature is kept low-grade (37,1-37,5˚S);

- it is more often than usual asking the toilet;

- or vice versa rarely urinate, although drinks as usual (h dorova kids empty the bladder rather large chunks, roughly at this rate per day: up to 6 months - 20 times, up to 1 year - 15 times to 2 years- 7-10);

- naughty and complains of abdominal pain;

- addiction to food has changed, waives his favorite dishes;

- cal it acquired an unusually sour smell;

- the baby urine is not clear, but cloudy, dusky color.

If you ignore these symptoms and do not start treatment include autoimmune reaction of the body, and he begins to perceive their own cells as foreign, thereby developing pyelonephritis.Do not cured in a timely manner, it can lead to glomerulonephritis - severe kidney disease, which is difficult to treat.A child who suffers from chronic pyelonephritis, should regularly monitor the doctor at least seven years, until the kidneys of the baby finally will form.

To confirm the diagnosis your doctor will prescribe urine and blood samples.To urinalysis was objective and accurate try to adhere to the following rules.

  1. the evening sterilize utensils for analysis.Ideally, this glass jar with a lid from baby food.If your child already enjoys a pot, the evening thoroughly wash it and pour over boiling water.
  2. Thoroughly wash your baby.Better to do it in the evening, because in the morning you can not make it.
  3. To analyze the urine was collected with the first droplets.To simplify the problem with the baby-boy using a conventional condom, or a special urine collecting device for children, it can be bought at a pharmacy.

According to the observations of physicians, pyelonephritis often sick girl (the only exception is grudnichkovy period when the kidneys are more concerned boys).The explanation for this - anatomy.In girls, the urethra is much wider and shorter than boys.Infection, for example, from the anus, the girls gets into the kidney is much easier and faster.Therefore, of particular importance for the whole of the genitourinary system is proper hygiene.Observe cleanliness need to teach your baby from early childhood, as well as the need to maintain warmth in the back and stomach.To avoid hypothermia in the rain, the cold or the wind, to dress your baby, and when the child grows up - be sure to explain why this is necessary.

Drinking regime

Offer to baby drink often, but in small portions to maintain normal fluid and electrolyte balance and flush out toxins from the body.For a time it is not necessary to give a lot of liquid: 40 minutes a child frees the bladder, and kidney empty again though and got the increased load.In this case, harmful as excessive and do not drink enough.The kid should get the so-called unbound fluid: it is accepted that in addition to the basic food in between meals.It can be fresh juices, mineral water without gas, uzvar (cook it should be as follows: washed dried fruits pour boiled water in a thermos and insist 85˚ C).Prepare a bowl of baby fruit drinks berry cranberry raspberry currant.All the nutrients are absorbed better.But fresh sour berries are best avoided - they irritate the kidneys and intestines.The day of two baby patients with pyelonephritis should drink up to 400 ml.liquid.

Need diet

feed, as the baby need to drink little and often.There should be no fat, spicy and salty foods.Also discard lettuce, spinach, radishes, tomatoes: they contain crystals of uric acid salts further irritate the renal pelvis.Although children tend to do intuitively reject harmful for their products.Many pediatricians strictly limit the intake of protein with pyelonephritis.But this is not entirely correct.Kids who suffer from pyelonephritis, need a lot of protein, but digestible.It is better to feed their children fish, especially very young Carpiquet, Karasik, they are easily digested by children's gastrointestinal tract.It is also useful dietary light turkey meat, rabbit, chicken.It is strictly prohibited bone broth, liver - it is extremely hard food that requires a lot of energy to digest.You can cook the meat aspic.His boil (but no bones) and pour the broth with gelatin.When it comes to babies, all of these recommendations should be fully comply with mom.

Restore intestinal microflora after treatment

After treatment of pyelonephritis, which is carried out with antibiotics in the intestinal tract of the baby can change the ratio of useful and harmful microflora, which is healthy, as is known, balanced and correct.Restore the ratio of bacteria in the intestine help dairy products.It is best if you yourself have prepared from fresh milk healthy beverage, such as yogurt.In order to ferment milk is used specifically for yogurt and lactic acid starter.Also in the home, you can cook a yogurt.Just pay attention to the fat content of milk.It should not have a fat content of more than 3.2%.In extreme cases, use special drugs with beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

How to avoid relapse.

Every cold - is the risk of acute pyelonephritis, and each of its flash - a "scar" on the kidney.For your baby is very important immunoprophylaxis.Very good when the baby is breast-fed for a long time - a strong immune defense.If you are not fed, then let the baby goat's milk (but only on proven goats).Contrary to popular belief, it is very useful.In the old babies who were left without mothers were fed goat's milk, and they grow up healthy and strong.Support the child's body as immunomodulators, grass.But in any case, does not appoint immunomodulatory drugs child herself.Illiterate intervention has not generated the baby's immune system can lead to negative consequences.Any drug can be taken after the examination of the doctor-immunologist.

carefully attributed to vaccination, as it is a big burden on the immune system of the baby.Depending on the child's vaccination eliminate or minimize.This too can be solved only by the attending physician.And do not on their own reasoning to refuse vaccinations.