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Toothpaste for young children

Here on oral care depends most of all, and this factor, we can directly influence.The main thing in this case, buy a good toothbrush, toothpaste, and if possible, spray or mouthwashes.

Currently, there is a huge amount of toothpaste, with a variety of effects, including toothpaste and tooth whitening toothpaste with fluoride content and without toothpaste for children and others.

But in this article I would like to talk specifically about toothpaste for children.Since young children can not yet determine which toothpaste is best, and what is worse is your choice of toothpaste for it will depend on his habit to take care of their teeth in the future.Thus, for small children up to 6 years old, you can buy special toothpaste that have a variety of fruit flavors, and the kiddies are older, you can already use the family toothpaste.But the thing to remember is that while brushing your child, the main thing to control, because the antibacterial effect and remineralizing toothpaste only starts after 2 minu

tes, so make sure that your child follow the rules carefully brushing.

to toothpaste for young children are special, high demands, particularly with regard to security, if a child swallowed toothpaste.To paste in case of contact in the stomach, it had no toxic effects on the body, it should not contain harmful substances.

of today, and there is no perfect toothpaste for young children, and the question of its creation is still open.Firstly, toothpaste for children should contain fluoride for new, previously unidentified child tooth, and secondly, toothpaste for young children may not contain a strong concentrate of fluorine, as in the cleaning process, the child can sip a paste.

Therefore, to children's toothpastes have the following requirements:

  1. toothpaste should have a low content of fluoride, especially if this will paste to brush your teeth for children under 6 years.So, today, many manufacturers produce toothpaste in single doses.The content in children's dental Peste fluoride should not exceed 0.05%.
  2. have toothpaste melenkih children should be low abrasiveness.Therefore, for small children more suitable gel toothpastes, which are suitable for temporary teeth and reduced kislotorezistentnosti enamel.
  3. Despite the fact that toothpastes with various fruit flavors make the process of cleaning the teeth of small children more desirable, but a more neutral taste effects will not cause the desire to swallow toothpaste.
  4. And naturally, toothpaste for children must have an attractive appearance and be easy to use even for the youngest children.

And finally reiterates make sure that your kids not to swallow the toothpaste, as very small children, is not very able to brush their teeth, so ingest about 40% of the paste.So, in any case, you can not use adult toothpaste for young children only when they reach the age of 12, it is already possible to use the family toothpaste.And most importantly, in any case unacceptable for children to use whitening toothpastes.