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Acne on the face of a young

such a problem, but to varying degrees (smaller or larger) faced by virtually all teenagers.Maybe you've seen the girls, shyly Kuta face scarf, so that no one noticed a pimple on his chin.But perhaps you bought in the pharmacy itself to his grown son or daughter lotion acne, helps to mask acne or gave advice on how to correct the child must care for their skin.And it is absolutely true!

Because if time does not pay attention to this problem, it can leave a mark on the whole life of the child.The feeling of inferiority of the imaginary, the idea of ​​the POI that it is ugly, can permanently settle in his mind.Especially if it is actively pay attention to his peers.Acne still pass through time, but lack of confidence can remain.

What is it?
acne on a young face is associated with hormonal changes in a young body.And often in girls, this process is much easier than that of boys.At puberty occurs excessive production of sebum, which clogs the ducts of the sebaceous glands.As a result, dying cells are

closed and turn blackheads, acne.Microorganisms that are on the skin, for those who have acne, become dangerous.The bacteria penetrate the skin, where they are collected, and the inflammation.Acne comes in two types: open - "black spots" where the fat oxidizes and darkens on exposure to air, and closed - the "white spots", where eels are covered with a thin layer of skin.This is not inflamed, but blocked grease ducts.Acne it is necessary to treat, because after it is held, are unaesthetic scars.

Why do I get acne?
of acne help: Malnutrition is almost the main cause of skin problem.It is necessary to exclude from the daily menu, a teenager overly fatty foods.Hormonal disorders can occur when taking certain medications.Before you give your child medication that makes you doubt, consult with several experts and read these instructions carefully to them.Heredity.If the parents have the same problems with the skin, the child, they also can be.The scientists noted that in the blood of people suffering from acne, there is a lack of zinc.Talk to your doctor, he may recommend your son or daughter a vitamin preparation, which includes zinc.Wrong skin care.If you comply with diet and properly and regularly to care for skin, acne vulgaris go away.

By all the rules of
struggle with acne need to start, especially with proper nutrition.Try to explain to your child that in his best interest not to eat, or at least limit, fatty and refined foods.Do not eat and much-loved by our children fast-food outlets.If the child correctly explain that the rejection of "not healthy" food and no medical help dramatically improve skin condition, it is likely to agree.The more that you will be buying your child plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.But in winter it is desirable to adopt and multivitamin.Very important is the proper care for young skin.

If acne are many and they stubbornly refuse to take, be sure to consult a qualified dermatologist.It will help to cope with this problem quickly and permanently.

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