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Massage for the baby

proved that massage stimulates grudnichka its development greatly strengthens muscles and bones.Toddlers are more hardy, rarely get sick, they will begin to crawl and walk, actively growing and gaining weight.In addition, they sleep better, become much calmer.The first few months of his life the baby communicates in the language of the body, that is mainly learns tactile-kinesthetic manner.Therefore, the best opportunity to please your crumbs and show their mother's love - to make him a massage.
While a massage is an active effect on the fabric surface, however, it also affects the internal organs of their body healthy.
Studies have shown that during the sessions of the body's blood flow is accelerated, the movement of lymph, normal metabolism.Thanks to massage baby's skin is rapidly cleared from the dying of the epidermis, better breathing.Also massage harmonize digestion and helps the baby to deal with flatulence and constipation, which often suffer grudnichki.

known , that touch plays an important r
ole in the process of communication between parents and kids.Make crumbs massage can any relative and loving person.There have been such a study: 15-minute massage preventive instructed fathers.Those dads who massaged her baby only a quarter of an hour a day, take great care and love in dealing with the child.Doing massage grandchildren useful as grandparents.Emotional contact with the child and has a positive effect on their own health.
Massage stimulates the inflow of milk in mothers, contributing to the normalization of lactation.Kid better gaining weight, it increases immunity.So, preventive massage is absolutely all children.It is not necessary to wait for 4-5 months to get them to engage.It is now none of the experts have no doubt that beginning a regular session, you can practically from birth.

right mood
Many moms like to start the morning with a massage.But there are children who are better and feel more energetic in the evening.They have a good massage after an evening swim; then the baby will be easy to relax and tune in to sleep.
In any case, it is seen that if a pipsqueak colic, it is advisable to massage it in the afternoon or early evening, as the massage helps to prevent intestinal spasms that often begins during these hours.Technique of massage before bedtime does not differ from the usual preventive techniques of massage.Experienced instructors will include in the classroom quiet gentle music.They also speak with the child before the session and its over how the baby will be good from the massage.

Soon pipsqueak begins to perceive their words as the setting, followed by a pleasant tactile feel, and adjusts massage positively.The children begin to recognize even the word "massage". If a pipsqueak still tense, you start with relaxing movements. Try to look him in the eyes, smile, grasp the foot and gently moving his legs as if riding a bicycle, saying: "Now I'll poglazhu and you relax, my good! "Do this several times, and eventually your actions will be the key for a baby to the top of a nice game.To love a child massage, to deal with it every day, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of treatments.
Throughout the time of the crumb should be naked.Do not worry if the arms and legs will be a little cooler.Soon your baby's body adapts to regular air baths.Easy preventive massage, based on stroking and gentle touch to the little body warm mother's hands, crumbs improve mood, soothe him, it helps to relax and sleep.

Up to 1.5 months worth only slightly pen stroke, chest, belly, back of the child for 15 minutes.And starting from 1.5 to 4 months strokes should be alternated with reflex exercises, which helps build children's motor skills.Such exercises are carried out until the baby is saved reflexes crawling, grasping, extensor and others.

Reflex creeping
Put the baby on his tummy each side, his hands upon the heels of the child, he will push away from your hands, and a little crawl.Exercise trains the back muscles and strengthens the spine.

Grasping reflex
Push the palm crumbs, and he cupped your fingers so that you can easily lift it up.

Reflex Talent
Spend along the spine of children's fingers from the bottom up as a pipsqueak lying on its side, and you will see how he will bend the leg and protrudes slightly.This reflex prepares the muscles and trains to a crawl spine.Search
Stroke cheek child, and he immediately turns in the direction from which it stroked.This simple exercise will help your child learn to quickly roll from tummy to back and back.

flexor and extensor muscles of the arms and legs should be massaged in different ways.During the massage flexor muscle tone would decrease, so they need to stroke slowly and superficially.During the massage the extensor tone must rise - then massage them vigorously and deeply.
On hand flexors are located on the inner surface.At the foot - on the back.Extensors, respectively - on the contrary.The child's body reacts differently to massage.For example, when rubbing movement of his muscles relax, and at effleurage and pat come in tone.If your baby's muscle tone is very high, stroking movements to be used up to its normalization.The rest of the children, ranging from 4 months of age, to the stroking and reflex exercises added to the active gymnastics: crawling, standing up, sitting, rolling over from the back to the belly, from side to side, stepping from foot to foot, the exercise "bike", Mahi hands.

Let's start!
All pediatricians recommend starting mother's massage from birth, as a professional move, starting from 3-4 months when the child is over the period of early adaptation. We give some examples of exercises that moms can do themselvesevery day. More than a professional massage, for example, children with increased muscle tone should still be left to professionals. And you can alternate: mom makes lightweight daily massage and specialist 2 times a week - professional, prescribed by a doctor. Start preventive massage is best tohead. All the exercises recommended to perform 4-5 times. At your fingertips to be disposable diapers for a possible mishap.It is not necessary to carry out the whole complex daily.After massage the baby should be fun and you.
If you do not have the mood, or you realize that naughty pipsqueak, skip some exercises and take those that you both enjoy.For example, it is only a tummy massage or back.But the next day is again done the whole complex, because only perseverance can achieve a successful outcome.