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Caring for the baby teeth baby

have babies salivate profusely, teeth are far from each other and well cleaned themselves.Still, preferably after each feeding, or at least twice a day to clean the mouth and teeth of the baby.To do this, take a clean piece of gauze bandage or wrap on the index finger, soak in lukewarm water and carefully clean the teeth from all sides, gums and inside of the cheeks.Do this carefully so as not to damage the delicate mucous membrane of the mouth of the child.Now you can also buy in a pharmacy special wipes to clean the mouth of the baby.

later, approximately two years will be a need for more care for baby teeth.First, teach the child to rinse mouth.It will take more than one day before the child to learn all the details of this procedure.So be patient.First, show your child how to use a brush dampened with water only, without toothpaste.Teach you how to hold a toothbrush, show how to move - from top to bottom, bottom to top.Tell us what needs to be cleaned and the front and rear surfaces of the teeth.Fi

rst, carry out this procedure yourself, then you can entrust your child brush.

Before you give your child brush, it should be washed thoroughly.Lather brush children's soap for a few minutes, then rinse with soap.Also, it must be processed after each brushing.Do not store your toothbrush in a case, since it then begin to multiply rapidly pathological microorganisms.Just remember that the shelf life of the toothbrush is short - just a few months, then do not regret it and throw away.Who sold the brushes that have a special indicator that changes color, then when it's time to throw the brush.

Involve your child by example.Every morning and every evening, along with an invite to the bathroom, let him see how you do it, and get used to the daily procedure.Do not use toothpaste until the child does not learn to rinse your mouth and spit out the waters.

until the baby develops a toothbrush, let the baby chew on after meals and at bedtime apple slices, carrots and other fruits and vegetables with a solid fiber.This contributes to increased salivation and promotes the mechanical cleaning of teeth from food debris and pathogens.After the meal, ask the child to rinse your mouth, so that he always used to do.

Here are some tips to parents to care for the child's baby teeth, to observe that it is necessary to keep teeth healthy and beautiful baby.

1. Already at birth, the child laid a full set of milk teeth that erupt each in its time, so a pregnant woman should eat foods rich in calcium and phosphorus.As well as taking vitamins with calcium.

2. Even if the milk teeth have not erupted, do not forget to wipe the baby's gums after each feeding a clean, damp cloth or a special silicone toothbrush in the form of a cap, which is worn on a finger of an adult.

3. When the milk teeth, try to keep the child does not fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth if only when the bottle is filled with a little water, unsweetened tea.Since the liquid containing sugar creates a breeding ground for the development of pathological microorganisms, which cause the so-called bottle tooth decay.Also due to prolonged sucking pacifiers and bottles are curved dentition, Port bite, which also adversely affects permanent teeth.

4. Sweets also contribute to the destruction of enamel, so limit your consumption of sweet baby.In general, up to three years is not recommended to give children sweets and chocolate.Except of course the sweet fruit, vegetables and dried fruit.You can add a little sugar porridge or tea, but no more.

5.It is necessary to regularly visit the pediatric dentist as early detection of dental problems and eliminating them will help save you from more serious problems in the future.

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