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The best diapers for children

amazing how quickly time flies: yesterday crumb-grudnichok only could that build funny and comical grimaces handles, legs wiggle, and today at a small fidget not keep up.Needless to say, when the kid turns 8-9 months, my mother's life quickly turns into a game of "Catch Me If You Can."It is little tot learn to skillfully crawl, much less take the first steps - and wow!- For him there is a whole world of new, unexpected and incredibly interesting.

Curious nose
crumbs everywhere looking for uncharted cherished little corners, and legs that have carried his forces towards new discoveries.Movable beetles literally hold in place.He is so much to have time to see, hear, touch pens, try by heart, and even practice buckwheat spilled all over the kitchen or on the floor in creating the obstacle from the contents of all available boxes - it's great, because it is so crumb gets the first and invaluable knowledgethe nature of things.It said loudly?Not at all.Surely, every mom knows that in the first 3 years the c
hild learns more information than a lifetime.This, incidentally, venerable psychologists proved.It turns out that the more you learn and feel a little restless now, the smarter, more confident and inquisitive, he will be in the future.
Each mummy that's about it and dream, is not it?And to make this dream became a reality, you need quite a bit - to learn to see the world through the eyes of her baby: it is easy and carefree, fun and always active.True, it is a dream come true and a pipsqueak play and have fun, test of strength takes place not only my mother's reaction, new cosmetics, kitchenware, toys, and a "faithful friends" baby - the best diapers for children.

warmth of my mother's body
this element malyshovom "dress code" is supposed to be the most convenient and absolutely reliable, because every second crumbs need to conduct research, and he do not want to be distracted from the game on a frequent dressing.And it is quite unbearable during diaper change lie still as much as a minute ... Where better to change ammunition literally on the move - that is almost imperceptible to the little pedestrian.Now it's real.More recently, on the shelves of our stores we have new bright diapers panties, which are created with special attention for young gentlemen, and for the young lady.Only these panties diapers absorbent layer especially in front for boys and girls in the middle, which means that kids stay dry, where it is most needed.But this is not all the advantages of the new diapers.Due to elastic inserts of soft material on the sides of the panties stretch diapers, like real pants, and can be easily and quickly changed, simply tearing inserts on the sides.Moreover, stretching back provides comfort crumbs, even when he has to crawl, roll over, reach, bend or sit down immediately to consider another fascinating novelty.

Another plus new best diapers for children - bright design for boys and girls to the colors that correspond to the floor baby.Consider funny characters - a very exciting experience, especially if the mother tells the story of the little animals and men, are drawn on your favorite diapers panties.And so even banal dressing diapers will be fascinating fun game that gives crumbs welcome moments of joy and fellowship with loved parents.

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