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Immunity child: formation

How does it work?For many
immunity remains somewhat mysterious.But this is the main indicator of health, mood and vitality of any living creature.Immunity (from the Latin immunitas - "liberation") is the protection of the body from getting rid of various infectious agents, their metabolic products, poisons and tumor cells. In a word, from all that can harm.

immune protection provided specific bodiesin many ways it is similar to the system of national defense.
As divided into different kinds of troops, as well smoldering military schools and original hierarchy. organs of the immune system are divided into primary (where immune cells are "trained") and secondary (where they "work").
primary organs are the thymus and red bone marrow. The main immune cells - lymphocytes. It is they go to a higher learning center (thymus). It is the name of the "training" of cells - T-lymphocytes from the T (thymus), unlike inlymphocytes (from B - bursa).So I called the bursa of Fabricius in birds, although its role
in people performing red marrow.B lymphocytes are involved in the production of antibodies, proteins of blood serum that specifically protect the body against disease-causing agents."Education" in the thymus is aimed at developing a part of the T-lymphocytes to recognize the ability of penetrating into the body of strangers, including bacteria. This system is a kind of counter-intelligence.

Most T cells become killer (killers), they destroy enemy agents,which revealed the spy cells. The rest of the T-lymphocytes perform a regulatory function: T helper (helpers) increase protection, recognize not only outsiders but also traitors who were their own. These degenerates are, for example, tumor cells. Helpers reported to the center - itscell degenerated, became the enemy, and can start the process of the formation of cancer. In response to this signal a "traitor" directed T-killers and kill her.There suppressor lymphocytes (from the English suppress - "inhibit") that turn off the immune response after aliens and traitors has cleared. Otherwise razvoevavshiesya killers may inertia and heat set the native cells.

leukocytes other kind (neutrophils) constitute the first line of defense. It is as if the border guards, who first met outsiders pathogens, including those bacteria and viruses that penetrate the mucous membranes or skin. "Border guards" also cleans damaged and the wound surface of the cells died in the unequalbattle with the disease-causing agents, as well as the "old" red blood cells. Probably all heard of interferon, which is now quite widely used in viral diseases. What is interferon? This low molecular weight protein having antiviral properties. It begin to produce virus-infectedcells. Interferon inhibits the multiplication of viruses in cells and cell-free, and it takes not to let strangers.There are types of leukocytes (eosinophils) that can participate in the destruction of penetrating into the body of parasites and in allergic reactions.They also summon his fellows for help, and because their number in the blood increases.
Secondary protection authorities - a spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, appendix, lymph follicles.They are themselves immune cells scattered throughout the body.Such simplified information about immune system.But they help us to understand the popular literature on health and understand how you can strengthen the immune system of your own, your home, especially children.

Probiotics and prebiotics
Some types of microbes (lactococci, enterococci, micrococci, bifidobacteria) protect our body also from the adverse effects of radiation, harmful chemicals and carcinogens.On the basis of these crop scientists have created microbial biologics for the recovery of the intestinal microflora and preventive dairy products.They are called probiotics.In fact, the culture of microbes - the colonists, who were referred to the development of new territories in the intestines.Useful bacteria protect the body from strangers.Who created complex preparations, which include microbes and useful, and substances that stimulate their growth.Such substances are called prebiotics.These include dietary fibers, pectin, and certain vitamins, enzymes, as well as polysaccharides and proteins.They are intended to create favorable conditions for the colonists, to help them gain a foothold in a new place and become indigenous people in different parts of the intestine.These nutrients, prebiotics, just lacking in most refined ready-to-eat foods, such as soluble and fast porridge, puree, jelly, juice.Refined products are only good for babies, in which the digestive processes just formed and still can not cope with the assimilation of natural whole foods.Complexes of these useful microorganisms and substances (probiotics and prebiotics) was used for enrichment of fermented milk products and prepared on the basis of their kefirbiobalansov, vegetable-flavored drinks of different types, etc.Dosage (pharmaceutical) drugs probiotics used by a physician at a dysbacteriosis, and dairy products enriched with these cultures of microbes, beneficial and healthy kids to maintain an optimal composition "of the population of the intestine".

Proteins - builders
Note: all substances of the immune systemis a protein the body. Hence, for their construction should be included in the diet of protein foods.
Dietary proteins should be complete, containing a complete set of necessary amino acids.
This meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, fish. What happens if a childToday, instead of the natural meat gave sausages, cottage cheese instead of tomorrow - glazed cheese, the next day instead of a fish - a product called fish fingers of minced meat? Of course, the lack of building materials for products that implement the immune defense, affect their durability.

child protection
Vulnerability child's body in relation to infections seen for a long time."The life of a child under 7 years hangs in the balance," - said in ancient times. Of course, in today's world situation has changed dramatically.
During periods of outbreaks of SARS necessarily take broth hips every day! There, in addition to vitamin C, also contains a veryvaluable beta-carotene and vitamin A.