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How do you know that the guy you want?

How to understand that the boy wants you?

There are several basic features that allow solve the mystery of the true intentions of a Man.This behavior, intonation and rate of speech, posture, touch.Great if you are familiar with for a long time and you know what his behavior in everyday life, it is so much easier to compare and draw conclusions.

If you like a man, and you are ready to join with him in an intimate relationship, we recommend to arm our advice and as a wise woman, without any talk and gimmicks to draw a shy young man to your common goal.

Features tone and behavior of men, although sex.

How do you know that guy wants sex?

  • behavior.Do not be surprised if you feel from the men emotional stress.Man, although sex under the influence of hormonal surges and erotic fantasies a little lost control over their movements and their sequence.In addition, young people, taking advantage of any opportunity, will try to entice you to touch him.Most men desire can be read in a long deep look.
  • poses.Not being able to control their emotions, most g
    uys can not at the moment the desire to watch their poses.It is this shortcoming and can take advantage of the girl to understand he wants it or not.For example, wanting Man socks shoe will look in different directions, feet slightly apart.Be sure to note the position of the hands.If they are hidden in his pockets and crossed each other, more likely, he just wants to get away from this meeting.If he tries to touch your skin or hair, consider it a major sign of his desire.Similarly, you can interpret pressed to palm or fingers shuffling in hand any trinkets.

    Behavior, posture, movement men, although sex.

  • Intonation.If a young person trying to talk more muted and measured voice, with some hints of playfulness conclusion is obvious - it is in a sexual tension.In no case do not think that it Online Time even sounds a bit unnatural.Under the rule of hormones men sincerely believe that such a tone sounds exciting.
  • tactile contact.A guy interested in you will never miss the opportunity to touch your lips, cheeks, shoulders and other body parts.It should be understood that in this issue the whole process controls only woman.And if a man against your will has gone so far as to allow himself to caress you in the most inaccessible places, you know, this is exactly what you have provoked.Careless behavior too revealing clothes, light resistance - all of which can be seen by a man as a call to action.

Simple tips to help you understand what the guy wants sex.

tips that will help you understand what the man wants you to apply to virtually all the representatives of the stronger sex, so memorable and read your fans like an open book.Good luck!