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Hardening of children at home

proved that the human way of life for 70% effect on his health.Consequently, hardening - one of the most suitable options for those who want to preserve their health and the health of children.This is not just an ancient tradition.Hardening helps prevent diseases, to maintain the excellent physical shape, boost immunity.

What gives us hardening?Mainly contributes to improvement and stabilization of the circulatory system, regardless of the climatic conditions, which, in turn, will help prevent colds.After cold virus enters the body when it is in an exposed state, for example at the transition from cold to heat.At this point in human nasopharyngeal narrowed vessels and blood circulation is disrupted.Penetrating into the middle of the body, viruses gradually erode his unprotected cells.At the injured surface infection affects repeatedly with greater force.A hardening - this is the kind of training the body.It is best to start it with the earliest age, which, incidentally, is the most suitable for this pu


There are fundamental principles of hardening, you need to know and be guided by them.The hardening, as well as in any other endeavor, plays an important role a positive attitude.At first, the children were easier to endure hardening, you should try this procedure to convert to an interesting game.The mood for a good result - another important attribute.Tempering should be carried out throughout the year, no spacing, eventually increasing the dosage.It should also pick up a child and a particular program, starting from the age of individual indicators of the body and the degree of susceptibility to such procedures.

Wrongful is believed that the process of hardening is watering themselves with cold water and rubbing with snow.All activities included in the hardening process, which the strict regime of the day, a sufficient number of hours of sleep, proper healthy diet, regular exercise contribute to the formation of a healthy body you and your children.And, of course, hardening must contain activities such as tempering air, sunlight and water.

Hardening of children in the home, namely infants, should first start with the adoption of air baths.After all, a child under one year requires 2.5 times more oxygen than an adult because his body expends more energy.Because you need to periodically 4-5 times a day, ventilate the room where the child is.During the summer it is good to keep the window open, but we should not forget about the possibility of a draft.By air baths teach children still in the hospital, when swaddling them for some time is left naked.In summer you can take a walk with your baby right after birth, but not for long - 20-40 minutes, and in the winter is better to wait a little bit and go out after 2-3 weeks after birth, with the air temperature must not overstep the threshold of 5 degrees.

should be more careful approach to the process of making a child sunbathing.Up to 3 years is necessary to prevent the emergence of a child under the open sun, since UV rays can harm delicate baby skin.To avoid the threat of overheating temperature during sunbathing for infants should be about 22 ° C, and for children aged 1-3 years - 20 ° C, while it is desirable that the street was not the wind.It is strictly forbidden to carry out hardening of the sun child, if the air temperature exceeds 30 ° C.After sunbathing usually go to the water procedures.

most effective and commonly used method of hardening can be called water treatment.Taking into account the age and characteristics of the body of the child, you need to create your own program.For infants water treatments are carried out as follows: a child every day to bathe in the water at a temperature of about 36-37 ° C, the bath - no more than 5 minutes.After that you need to throw the baby with water of less than 2 ° C.Baby wash water should be at a temperature of 28 ° C every second day by reducing it by 2 ° C, but it can not be lowered below 20 - 22 ° C.Over time, the wiping procedure is introduced.First, it is carried out using water dampened temperature of 33 - 36 ° C, gloves.It is necessary to gently wipe the handle baby from palm to shoulder and leg from the foot to the knee.The process of wiping the child should not last more than 1-2 minutes.The temperature was gradually brought to 28 ° C and decreasing it by 1 ° C every five days.Hardening of children in the home ends up pouring.This procedure starts from the back of the baby, gradually passing on his chest, stomach and arms, and the strength of water pressure should be sufficient.Wipe the baby after dousing be dry, it is permissible even slight redness of the skin.

Hardening may be unconventional.Refers to direct contact with the human body is very cold, snow or air.But this method in any case does not apply to young children.