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Large congenital anomalies

Variety anomalies
There are many congenital anomalies.They can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract.In some cases, due to congenital anomalies is a narrowing of the digestive tract, in others - the underdevelopment of an organ.An example is the congenital narrowing of the pylorus, which becomes a cause of persistent vomiting in infants.Hazardous malformation is Artesia esophagus during which the first feeding child may lead to spillage of food into the lungs, furthermore, feeding newborn conventional method becomes impossible.The most common anomaly of the abdominal cavity - Meckel's diverticulum.

2 diarrhea.
3 constipation.Hernias

4 5 Abdominal pain.
6 Emaciation.

abdominal wall hernias
Even newborns can occur ailments associated with hernias of the abdominal wall.When inguinal hernia can happen infringement hernial intestinal loops in the gate.When disease-prunga Hirsch is an increase in the colon or the individual segments.
causes of congenital anomalies
Congenital anomalies occur in the fetus in the womb.Their causes are unknown.

Treatment of congenital anomalies of the abdominal cavity
any narrowing of the digestive tract are most often eliminated by operational method.If persistent vomiting deficit fluids and electrolytes should be compensated.If the cause is a complication of Meckel's diverticulum, surgery is indicated.If umbilical hernia operations are performed in the event that but after three years of self-healing has occurred hernia.When inguinal hernia surgery is recommended.The surgeon will remove the hernia properly without damaging internal organs.

How to help yourself?
If congenital anomalies of the abdominal cavity to help yourself is impossible.
When should I see a doctor?
If vomiting, disorders of the intestines, abdominal pain of unknown etiology, weight loss, should consult a doctor becauseThese symptoms may be accompanied by severe diseases.

The disease usually in violation of the passage of food through the digestive tract weight newborn on the third week of life, there is frequent vomiting.Persistent vomiting can lead to a lack of fluid and emaciation newborn.
When hernias of the abdominal wall in the hernial ring may occur infringement intestinal loops or other abdominal organs.This leads to poor circulation, necrosis, rupture of organs and restrained from entering their contents into the peritoneal cavity.In this case, the bacteria penetrate the abdominal cavity, which promotes the development of peritonitis.

dangerous to congenital anomalies?
There are non-hazardous and dangerous anomaly.In some cases, life-threatening shortfall associated with food and liquids, in others - with the development of the inflammatory process, first of mild, then striking the whole peritoneum.Therefore, these anomalies are very dangerous and require careful analysis by doctors for further treatment.The correct approach to treatment will achieve excellent results in the recovery.

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