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Helminthiasis and its prevention in children


parasite most common in children.Females have a length of 1 cm, males - ½ cm parasites white, thread-like fragments, inhabit the colon.The fertilized female comes out of the anus, lays eggs.This causes itching, the child is scratched, eggs fall under the nails, and thus self-infection takes place: through the mouth eggs again into the digestive tract, where it is converted into larvae, and then again from the parasites develop them, the cycle resumes.The spread of infection is through the eggs are excreted in the feces, which can get to the laundry, under the fingernails, and thus spread and infect others.Therefore, pinworms, as a rule, the majority of infected family members.Infection with this parasite causes the indefinite nature of abdominal pain, but the main complaint - an unpleasant itching in the anal area, which makes a child restless, violates his dream.The eggs of worms can be found in scrapings taken from the perianal folds.

treatment. Success can be achieved only if along wit

h the destruction of the worms will break the vicious circle reifektsii, that is, the cycle described above, and in addition, will be treated at the same time all the other family members.The baby should sleep in a closed pants and always kept clean.Twice a day the child needs to change underwear, wash and iron.Preparations for worms set (pyrantel, Vermoxum, Worm) and will assign you the most appropriate doctor.It should be remembered that, for the treatment and prevention regimens, there are various medications.

Ascariasis .

Ascaris infestation often cause severe reactions.Developed roundworm reach a length of 15-40 cm, are like earthworms, reddish-yellow females are larger than males.Parasites live in the small intestines, their eggs in the feces excrete fall into the ground and stored there, acquire the ability to invade.On the ground, contaminated with parasites fall on vegetables, then the human intestine.To develop in the intestine the larvae begin to spread a special way, make a hole in the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream and blood - to the lungs, settling in the alveoli, from there to get swallowed phlegm back into the intestine, where, after a few weeks turned into an adult.

clinical picture .Patients complain of headaches, general weakness, pereutomlyaemost sometimes fever.Symptoms of the disease are caused by mechanical action evolved adult individuals, on the other hand - the products of their metabolism, which have toxic or allergic effects on the body.A large number of Ascaris may cause obstructive ileus, blockage of bile ducts causes jaundice, airway obstruction can cause respiratory disorders.Larvae of Ascaris, circulating in the blood, through -2 weeks after infection can cause eosinophilic infiltrates in the lungs, which hold 3-4 days, accompanied by a cough, but not different of severe symptomatology.In the blood, there is a high eosinophilia.Adult worms in large numbers stand out through the rectum, and sometimes through the mouth.When ascariasis observed various symptoms of toxic and allergic: exanthema, allergic attacks, diarrhea, cramps, and in some cases - the reaction of the nervous system - irritability, restless sleep, night terrors, sometimes hysterical and seizures.

to treat ascariasis use antihistamines dekaris, pyrantel, piperazine, which must appoint a physician.


set of preventive measures aimed at ascariasis:

  1. detection and treatment of infested;
  2. protecting soil from fecal contamination
  3. conduct sanitary educational work among the population.

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