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How to cure the common cold in a child

So how to cure the common cold in a child?The most important thing in the treatment of the common cold - plenty of fortified drink, especially if the heat of the crumbs, because the high temperature increases fluid loss through the skin.It should be abundantly water baby, the baby more often applied to the breast or giving waters.Because of this, the body of the baby will remove toxins.Excellent tools - cranberry juice, broth hips, sweet tea with lemon, broth viburnum, blackberry, raspberry.Children up to year can offer a decoction of raisins.

prerequisite for the treatment of the common cold in a child is humidification in the room where the ill child.This is in order to prevent the formation of dry crusts in the nose.If that happens - the baby will breathe through the mouth.And then it begins to dry mucus in the lungs, the bronchi clogging, and this will lead to a worse or bronchitis - pneumonia!Be sure to ventilate the room, and held several times a day, wet cleaning.

widely advertised drugs someti

mes may seem tempting, want to buy a fashionable cure for quick disposal of the common cold.It should be remembered that relieve the symptoms of the disease - does not mean cure her.This is especially true of the cough.It can not suppress the drug.The kid has to cough up all the phlegm from the lungs, and this takes time.For the treatment of small children is better to apply grass - unlike synthetic drugs they work gently but effectively.

high body temperature.

high body temperature - is not a disease, and the body's response to the pathogen.At high temperatures, the body's own body increased production of interferon, increasing the antimicrobial defenses of the body.Use medications is only when the body temperature exceeded the mark of 38 degrees.Relieve baby's condition can help natural remedies and home methods.

the burning heat of the child shall be a minimum of clothes to excess heat was spent freely.The room should maintain the air temperature 20-23 ° C.When wiping chills and cold compresses are prohibited, aswill lead to the opposite result.When a fever should warm the baby, tuck and a warm drink fortified drink.

To lower the temperature, you can use Acetic rubdown.To do this, take 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 gallon of water at room temperature.At first wipe the chest and back, then the arms and legs.It must be done quickly, so that the child is not frozen.After wiping is necessary to dress the baby, but do not coddle!Only when the baby cold handle or stem should be further put on warm socks and a blanket to hide the crumbs.Such wiping can be carried out once every 1.5-2 hours.

Another way to lower the temperature - wrap.Cotton canvas need to soak in water at room temperature, lightly squeeze and wrap around the baby's body so that the handle and foot remained open.Then quickly wrap the baby in the first dry sheet, and then in the flannel blanket, put socks on feet.If your child is cold - nestle it yet, to the legs you can put a warm heating pad.So the child must lie about 1 hour.The stronger is sweating, the effectiveness of the procedure.After wrapping the skin baby wipes to clean it with sweat, put on clean clothes.Wrapping can be done no more than once a day.

At high temperatures are absorbed toxic substances that accumulate when the disease is always in the lower intestine.Cleansing the intestines, the body is protected from crumbs of intoxication, while the body temperature is lowered.Babe can not put a water enema.At high temperatures, the intestine actively draws water, taking with him all the toxins.The child's condition after such a procedure can dramatically worsen.Babe is best to do an enema with soda or salt - 1 teaspoon soda (salt) in 1 cup (200 ml) of warm boiled water.In inflammatory bowel disease in a child enema put in any case it is impossible!Keep in mind the age of the baby: child up to 6 months need 30-50 ml of a solution of 6 months to 1-1.5 years-70-100 ml, 2-3 years- 1 cup.Doused with boiling water a little repulsed cabbage leaves can be applied to the forehead and the back of the head of the child.

All treatments should be carried out in a playful way.A positive attitude is very important!Play doctor, burying the nose, let boats when hover legs, etc.Turn on your imagination, mom.

Struggling with a cold!

Transparent selection suggests that the baby picked up an infection and his body began to fight it.But if the nasal discharge of transparent steel thick, greenish-yellow - hence, a viral infection bacterial joined.

Do lavage.Suitable saline solution (one teaspoon per gallon of water).This solution not only softens dry crusts in the nose, but also reduce swelling.You also need to dig salt vodichku 3-4 drops in each nostril.After waiting for 2-3 minutes after instillation, remove with a cotton swab from the nose crust crumbs.Suitable for washing and decoction of chamomile, calendula (if the child does not have grass allergies).

After washing and cleansing of the nose, digging a remedy, you can be sure that it affects the nasal mucosa.Use a drop of oil on the basis of: onion juice with olive oil (ratio 1: 5), burning, but really effective.Bury the nose can also be warm olive, Dog rose, sea buckthorn or sunflower oil, oily solution of vitamin A. After instillation of the mucous membrane of the nose form a protective plenochka which prevents germs in the mouth of a child.Baby up to 1 year, you can dig nose beet juice, the juice of aloe, chamomile broth with aloe juice.The juice of the leaves of Kalanchoe is used when the baby is not yet able to rid itself of mucus in the nose.The sap is added a little water dripping 3-4 drops 3 times a day.Keep in mind that after instillation can not eat or drink for half an hour.You can also use an enema with a special nozzle to suction mucus from the baby's nose.

Dry heat relieves swelling.To warm up the salt should pour in a bag made of thick cloth and put on the nose or forehead of the child for 10-15 minutes.It is necessary to ensure that they were pleasantly warm.

Kids older than 9 months at a cold can hover legs.This procedure is used only for a small rise in body temperature (37.5 C).Feet baby dipped in a nice warm vodichku and gradually topped hot.Once the legs blush, pour them well with cool water and again dipped in hot.Repeat three times and wiped his feet baby, put on his woolen socks.

Stroking the baby from the center of the forehead to the temples, first right, then left, massage your cheeks from the temples to the chin.This massage will increase circulation in the nasopharynx.Also, your child can help ease breathing inhalation.A decoction of chamomile, calendula with a pinch of baking soda should be 60 degrees hotter.If the baby's temperature above 37.5, inhalation contraindicated!

Dear Mom.We wish you and your children to good health.Do not forget that the best treatment for the common cold in a child is prevention.Fresh air, healthy food, hardening and good spirits - the best cure for the disease.

If you have questions, you should consult with your doctor.