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Tale reality: a bridal bouquet for the bride with his own hands

How to make a bridal bouquet: a master class of flowers

    Wedding bouquet with their hands
  1. Determine the center of the composition

    most organically in the heart of bouquet of roses just look.Plus that little variety in its durability.Even by the end of the celebration flowers are fresh and elastic.Two similar hue and nezhnorozovy yarkobely is the best suited image of a young bride.

  2. Wedding bouquet with their hands
  3. define the shape of the bouquet for the bride from a fairy tale

    Alstromerias always brilliantly played "second role."They disclosed wound onto the idea of ​​summer freshness and well interspersed with tight rosebuds.Sprigs of flowers set a bouquet greased geometry, weakening it official.

  4. Wedding bouquet with their hands
  5. Adds green

    Choosing green matter of personal taste.We will add just a couple of sprigs of holly, gently harmonizing with live flowers and form, and shade.In fact, many wedding bouquets exclude greens, especially if the bouquet is composed of many different shades of color.

  6. Wedding bouquet with their hands
  7. We arrange beautiful accents

    highlight the bouquet of whi

    te jasmine twigs, not only creates a trail of sweet flavor, but also bring notes tales and girlish awe.Jasmine is often used as a decoration ceremony live not only in flower arrangements, but even in wedding hairstyles and outfits.Although getting into the way of the perfect wedding flower, Jasmine has a significant disadvantage flowers fall off quickly, especially in hot weather.We added jasmine after the base has a wedding bouquet was formed because of the small size of branches.Therefore, if the jasmine starts to crumble prematurely, it is easy to remove from the composition.

  8. Wedding bouquet with their hands
  9. final touches

    final touch clipped on one line flower stems.This rule is always "legs" of the bouquet should be perfectly flat and gently wrapped in satin ribbon.

  10. Wedding bouquet with their hands
  11. Tale of flowers ready

    wedding bouquet for the bride ready!As you can see, do it with your hands is easy.