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The sacrament of marriage: choose a dress for a wedding in the church

What should be the dress for the wedding in the church

Attire bride wedding must express the views of all its modesty, purity and chastity.

Let's consider the basic requirements for the wedding dress young:

  1. Traditionally Catholic wedding dress the bride should always be white, but Orthodoxy does not put forward such stringent requirements.Most importantly, the dress was not too bright, colorful, or vice versa, gloomy colors.Soft bright colors should be fine - it can be cream, beige, pale pink, blue, pastel green, light purple shades.
  2. Wedding dress should not be too short.Best of all, if the skirt length is in the floor.There may be a shorter version, but the length above the knee is completely unacceptable in the Church.Girls Catholic religion often wear dress with a train, but this tradition is not orthodoxy.
  3. dress, in which the bride will appear before the altar, should not cause vulgar details - a deep neckline and open back.The shoulders of the bride should also be covered.Best of all, i
    f the dress will have sleeves.As for style, here there are no specific requirements.Wedding attire can be done in the style A-line, empire, mermaid, ball gown, and other variations.For the wedding will not work unless the cheeky short wedding dress.
Wedding ceremony
Connection loving hearts before God - responsible process that requires proper preparation and observance of all necessary traditions.Rules, details, details of the wedding ceremony can be found in our article.

Fortunately, the modern fashion industry offers a range of unimaginable varieties of wedding dresses.Clothing with a closed back, shallow neckline and sleeves can be beautiful, delicate and elegant.A striking example of this model was the dress Kate Middleton.Elegant and refined, it has won the sympathy of many women who later decided to repeat this style in their wedding attire.

Sometimes the bride's desire to celebrate the triumph in more open robes, but to acquire a fee for the wedding day not everyone can afford.Out of this situation is quite simple - open the shoulders and back can be covered by other items of clothing.On them, we'll talk later.

The supplement modest wedding dress

If the decoration of the bride leaves the back, arms and shoulders open, supplement it with other article of clothing:

  1. A good option for a wedding dress in the church can be a bolero or fur stole light.This outfit is relevant in cold weather - it will not only make the image of the bride more modest but warm girl.
  2. frosty winter instead of his short bolero can use a full outer clothing - sheepskin coat, a coat.Such details should be well in harmony with the dress, match the color.
  3. for ritual held in the warm seasons, suitable light cloak or shawl.It can be connected thin thread a beautiful translucent light pattern.The shawl can also be sewn from silk, chiffon, lace.The main thing is to pick the item is in harmony with the style and image of the bride.
  4. Beautiful jacket - another item of clothing, with which you can cover your back and shoulders before the altar.If
  5. decoration bride performed sleeveless girl's hands can be decorated with lace or satin gloves.

shoes bride should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, because the wedding - it's a long process, during which the young and the guests will stand on their feet.

Shoes wedding
The image of the bride's every detail has to be thought through with great care and taste, and an important role in the overall playing style shoes bride.What should be the wedding shoes, and how to choose the appropriate style - these questions will be answered our article.

Headpiece for Wedding - another must-have accessory in the temple.All adult women are present at this ceremony, should be with the covered head.For the bride headdress can serve as a white scarf or veil, but the veil covering their faces is not recommended, as it is believed that the bride should go to church open before God and my future husband.

should say a few words about the make-up young.Although the church is not welcomed bright makeup on his parishioner, it refers to the brides more favorably.In addition, if the wedding and marriage registration in the registry office come in one day, the girl, is likely to be made up.Young only has to remember that in the temple they will have a groom to kiss the cross, so the lipstick should be deleted.

Styles bride dresses for a wedding in the church


wedding dress A-line with a slightly flaring skirt and covered shoulders and back is considered classic style wedding dress.The model should look quite modest.It is desirable that the dress was not fussy details such as bright sequins and rhinestones.It is pertinent elegant decor as light lace, embroidery, pearls.

dress with sleeves

Excellent choice wedding dress will dress with sleeves.Sleeve length and shape may vary.Note that the short sleeve better complement the high-fitting gloves.

dresses with sleeves
wedding dress with sleeves - the perfect solution for brides who appreciate sophistication, elegance and grace.On models of wedding dresses with sleeves, you will learn from this article.

Closed dresses

conservative dress for the wedding is considered an indoor dress.This attire suggests that back, chest, shoulders and arms of the bride will be completely hidden clothing.Some models even have a collar covering the neck.

Lace dresses

models made of lace, looked pale, airy and elegant.Such outfit often does not require any other finish, because lace themselves are decoration.The bride in a dress looks fragile and delicate, but it should be added that the wedding dress of lace should not be too transparent.

Simple models

Dresses minimalist design is the best fit for the wedding ceremony.Such outfits have a simple cut, lack of bizarre and catchy parts, colorful decorations.This dress would be a good option for the bride, is not planning to spend too much money on a dress.However, this style will look quite elegant.

Dresses for pregnant women

There are cases when the bride comes down the aisle, while in the "interesting situation."In such a situation should choose furniture subject to the term of pregnancy.When very small stomach can wear A-line dress and dress Greek style or Empire style.Bride, located on the big stage of pregnancy, will look great in a Greek wedding dress.

Styles for plump girls

Girls "in the body" must be chosen outfit, based on the characteristics of the figure.Close the top and narrow hips can be corrected with the help of A-line dresses, but the girls with a pro rata figure of "hourglass" can be put on a dress mermaid style.Dress Empire and the Greek fit almost all the ladies with curvy figure.

Wedding Dresses for full
Who said that girl with the non-ideal figure may not look at her wedding a queen?How to choose the right style of dress, given the characteristics of the figure, this article will tell.

wedding dress for older women

Some ladies decides to make a wedding ceremony in the mature age.It looks beautiful and elegant to help such women covered styles, as well as accessories in the form of shawls and capes.Brides aged should choose the decoration is not snow white, as against such dress age-related changes of the skin will be released too.It will suit a softer range of colors - beige, cream, golden hues.

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