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Interesting position: Dresses for pregnant women at the wedding

Dress for pregnant brides: features selection

In the first months after conception, a woman's figure is still quite slim, and incipient tummy is almost imperceptible.Small changes in this period better not to flaunt, and hide them is a snap.

first trimester to a pregnant bride dress, located in early pregnancy, can be absolutely anything.What matters is that it works with the body type and is comfortable.

Even with a short period is better to abandon the rigid corsets because they interfere with proper blood circulation and can harm the health of the mother and fetus.If the bride has already started even a little tummy, it is desirable to avoid tight-fitting styles, such as the mermaid silhouette.Considering that the girl buys a dress advance, must take into account that even in the short term the figure may change.

Wedding Dress for Bride reshivshayasya pass wedding ceremony must show an example of purity and chastity.Learn how to choose the right dress for a wedding in the church.

second trimester

In mid-pregnancy figure expectant mother is undergoing fairly significant changes.Rounded belly is not so easy to hide, so it's worth to choose certain styles of dresses.In this case, a good option for pregnant dresses for a wedding can be a decoration in the Greek style.This will hide the small silhouette of the stomach and will focus on the increased breast.Soft fabrics, flowing down, not just mask the particular shape of a pregnant woman, but will feel comfortable.Dresses in the Empire style not fetter movements, the body breathes freely in them - this is a big plus for future moms.

Emphasize beautiful breasts, you can use a wide belt, made of soft materials.As a rule, decoration of the belt and is the main focus.The belt can be decorated with luxurious embroidery, sequins, flowers and so on.Look beautiful models, where a belt made of bright contrasting fabrics.

Another good shaped wedding dresses for pregnant women is considered A-Line.Slightly inflated waistline successfully disguise the tummy and depict the shape of breasts.Skirt in a dress down slowly expands like a trapezoid.These styles are relevant at any time - they make the bride feminine and delicate.

But if a pregnant belly is already quite visible, you can pick up a dress with extra drapery in the abdomen and thighs.

known that with the advent of pregnancy, many women increases the breast, so the wedding dress for brides in the state should have a beautiful neckline.Highlighting the large breasts, you agree to divert attention from the roundness in other areas of the body.

pregnant brides will not fit styles with voluminous sleeves, as well as decorations in the form of bows and ruffles at the waist and chest.If you want to put on a dress with sleeves, choose the narrow and tight-fitting models to hand did not seem fuller than they are.

Greek dress
Greek dresses - fashion and popular style among modern brides.This outfit will adorn a slender lady, help hide the tummy of a pregnant bride, or emphasize the main advantages of the girls are overweight.Read what are the dresses in the Empire style and how to choose an appropriate model.

Third trimester

It also happens that the girl decides combined legal marriage, is at a fairly high pregnancy.In this case the choice is limited to a small number of dress styles.

bride with a big belly still possible to advise the Empire style.Your position he did not hide, but this dress makes you feel comfortable.Moreover, in such attire future moms look more harmonious.

Another popular model wedding dresses for pregnant women who are in the last stages, is considered to be all the same A-Line.Complement the image of modest and low-key best accessories.It is advisable to abandon the veil of lush, large and bulky jewelry.Instead of overloading the image of jewelry, it is best to choose a beautiful dress, and of expensive fabric.You can consider the option of lace wedding dress for pregnant, decorations made of silk, taffeta, satin.

If you have tried many options but bad stomach is placed in each of them, you may want to buy a dress for plump, and then adjust it to her figure.

add image need appropriate footwear.It is best to choose the elegant ballet shoes to match decoration - legs they do not get tired during the day.Those who fundamentally does not want to wear shoes with low soles, should pay attention to a convenient platform shoes or wedges.Bride on the big stage of pregnancy is better to abandon the high heels and thin pins.

Lace dresses
bride in a dress with lace looks simply irresistible.Lace, like no other material can create a delicate, and at the same time seductive image.We'll tell you how to choose the lace dress and look stunning in it.

model wedding dresses for pregnant women: Tips

  1. dress pregnant bride does not have to be long.Girls for a short time, having a good figure and shapely legs, quite suitable for short model.They divert attention away from the waist and will transfer it to other parts of the body - neck and beautiful legs.Recently, short wedding dresses for pregnant women are becoming popular, and such models in showrooms set.
  2. Pregnant bride can sometimes hear advice on what wedding dress can be replaced with elegant suit.The right to choose, of course, is a girl, but it is worth considering whether you want to deny yourself the opportunity to look at their marriage like a queen?Wedding dress - the most elegant and most beautiful version of clothes suitable for this event.
  3. Choosing accessories for wedding decoration, discard the bouquet round shape as they further underline the visual changes to the figure.The florist you will probably be offered a lot of other options for the bouquet.
  4. fluffy skirt in a wedding dress - not the best option for pregnant women.This style adds visual bride extra weight and make the silhouette more severe.But light flowing fabrics, if not disguise the stomach, they can select it beautifully.On the way
  5. pregnant bride will be best to blend the simple and sophisticated decoration - a thin strand of natural pearls or small pendant on a thin chain.Avoid eye-catching necklaces, big rings, wide bracelets and other large items.The same applies to and finish the dress - give up large stones and an abundance of colorful ornaments.
  6. to the color of the wedding dress also need to be taken seriously.Choose fabric discreet colors - quite fit the classic white, ivory, pastel shades of green, blue, purple.Do not choose too shiny materials - matte texture will look a lot better.

Wedding gloves Wedding gloves bride - though not mandatory, but rather a popular accessory.In order not to spoil the image and emphasize its elegance and charm, listen to our advice on choosing wedding gloves.

wish you a memorable wedding, and the future kid - good health!