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Black Pearl, or how to choose a black wedding dress

Features selection of black dresses for the wedding

Bride in a black dress looks unusual and extravagant.The wedding dress can be monotonous or have some details in black.Maybe someone thinks this decision offers bold, and some invitees may decide that black wedding dress - the choice of the bride, was fond of magic, or gothic.Designers, on the contrary, favor the choice of the bride and do not consider it unusual.

know from history that the outfit was invented fashion admirer of the 30-ies of the last century, Baroness Cassandra Akkurti.The woman who married in third time, offered to put on a black dress.

Closed dresses
And why not try to change the usual fashion and wedding dress in a strict black dress cut?Closed dresses in dark colors just fit for re-marriage - modestly and not provocatively.Learn more about the models of dresses.

As with any color outfit, black dress has a number of advantages and disadvantages:

  1. traditional wedding dress of the bride - light shade.This dre
    ss is quickly spoiled.In this it plays along the color of the night.But if the bride wants to walk on the beach or the park, you should be prepared for the fact that at the hem may remain traces of gray.
  2. bride in black wedding dress will look very sexy.The dark shades visually reduce the volume of tissue, so the bride will seem more fragile, delicate and graceful.Do not forget that black is not attached to the figure of airiness and lightness - on the contrary it is its weights.
  3. Contrasting colors for wedding decoration - black and white are not for everyone.Choosing a color for a wedding dress, she should take it into account in order to avoid such troubles, as the dark circles under the eyes, fine lines and uneven skin - all this can accentuate black dress.If you decide to wear a black dress and a white dress with dark elements, you need to think carefully about the makeup.
  4. Lovers black girls stylists recommend weigh everything and take note of the following: Dress light shades favorably looks at the picture, and dark shades - lost and do not stand out.

choice of black wedding dress for the bride tsvetotipu

Girl "Autumn" and "Spring»

beauties for these types of exterior black wedding dress may look like a mourning outfit.If sweet is not particularly willing to give up the black, you can choose a two-tone model decoration - look beautiful wedding dress with black accents.It is necessary to delay the details of the black color of the face.Fatou is better to choose light colors, and the bride's bouquet should consist of bright colors.Look beautiful wedding dress with a black lace at the waist, or placed on the lap.

Lace dresses
wedding invitation relatives and guests will appreciate the choice of bride - lace dress color of the night.Learn more about the dresses for the wedding ceremony, shapes and color variations.

Girl "Summer»

rich black wedding dresses so girls will not do.We must look for the decoration of muted tones, for example - the colors become.Such elements can be added along white or pearl color.The bride will look good in the short wedding dress.

Short dresses
Shortened black dress accentuated by an elegant figure.The winning look along with a train.Check out the variety of styles of wedding dresses short, description and varieties of dresses for the wedding.

Girl "Winter»

girls cold tsvetotip black wedding dress is very suitable.You can choose to dress in dark purple or brown tones.It looks gorgeous wedding decoration of iridescent light fabric.Well, if you want to wear light-colored dress and supplement it with elements of black color, a good solution would be two-color model.She can choose a bright dress and supplement it with a wide belt, a bow or black gloves.No less refined will look white dress with black elements.

As you can see, the bride of any tsvetotipa can choose the appropriate option black wedding dress, whether it is monophonic or with white elements.

dress in black every bride looks like a real gem!

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