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Mature luxury: choice of a wedding dress for mom

As you go to the wedding the woman
Wedding - an important and memorable day of celebration, when virtually every event imprinted on the video or photos.The women at the wedding must look stylish and elegant.Find out what you need to go to a wedding women who want to hit the other guests with their beauty.

dresses for mothers of children in the wedding

Choose decorations for the wedding of her child should be subject to certain rules:

  1. Evening dress for mom should fit into the style of celebration, especially if the wedding is held in any thematic way.
  2. Recently also common practice to design the festival in a particular color.If the tables, decorations, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets and other accessories are made in one or more dominant colors, guests should try not to stand out against the background of bright contrast spot.
  3. dresses for mothers of the bride and groom must be suitable to the venue of the wedding, as well as conform to the weather and season.
  4. believed that mothers do not have
    to dress to blend with the wedding decoration young.That is, you need to pick up clothes so that she was not the same color with the wedding dress.But if both mom newlyweds they enter in the same style and color - it looks pretty stylish.
  5. Convenience - still one of the main requirements.The holiday should be fun as the heroes of the occasion, and their parents, so my mother evening dress should be chosen such that it never crush, do not rub, do not ride up in the most unexpected places.
  6. image of a woman must be consistent with its age, and is also beneficial to emphasize the figure, hiding possible shortcomings.It is not necessary to put on too frivolous youth fashions, even if you have a stunning figure.And trying to hide flaws appearance, do not need to put on the robes.Dress for a wedding for my mother to be elegant, graceful, color and style should match the type of looks and features of a constitution.
  7. great way to emphasize the general style is considered to be the right choice of accessories.Even a low-key and easy-looking outfit will look elegant when combined with a beautiful shoe, handbag, hat, jewelry, good makeup and stylish hairstyle.
Wedding gloves
image of a bride at a wedding should be completed, but because the hands must also be given due attention.With our advice, you will learn how to choose the wedding gloves, see illustrative photo examples.

what shade to choose dresses mother of the bride

Mom should choose a dress, a different color from wedding attire.However, small details in the decoration may overlap with the dress of a young, creating a single style.

women aged not worth the risk, putting on too bright shades.Especially this rule applies monochromatic clothing.Muted colors, light pastel range - the best option.But black classic color for a wedding is unlikely to fit, especially to avoid such color dresses mother of the bride.However, black can be combined with other, lighter tones.

Let's look at a list of the most suitable colors for a wedding dress for mothers:

  1. Women with a slender figure can afford such colors as white, light gray, ivory, pale apricot, silver.
  2. on young moms will look good shades of green, ranging from pastel and ending with rich emerald.
  3. Blue gamma looks harmoniously on the ladies of mature age.Depending on tsvetotipa can choose pastel blue, turquoise, ultramarine, sapphire and other colors.
  4. Nor should we abandon the pink and purple hues.
Good makeup can complement both casual and festive way.How to properly apply makeup, what guided the choice of colors of shadows, lipstick and other means - looking answers to these questions in our recommendations.

Choosing dress on a figure

choosing a wedding dress children, and for any other reason, mothers should be guided by the features of the figure.

Consider examples:

  1. Type Triangle - with broad shoulders and narrow hips, you can decorate quite complex cut full skirt combined with a simple and discreet top.
  2. Women with a figure in the form of a rectangle is necessary to avoid flying transparent materials, thin straps, narrow belts or straps.The main focus of the image is on the hips and the bodice.Best style skirt - a flare or a tulip.
  3. pear figure flaws can be corrected by using a properly sized style.Dark bottoms discreet and beautifully decorated top dress draw attention away from heavy hips, placing emphasis on the chest and waist.Such women will approach large collars and puffed sleeves.
  4. Ladies harmonious physique "hourglass" can afford to clothe virtually anything.However, the use of accessories as wide belts is not recommended.
  5. figure of the "apple" should be visually lengthen using vertical stripes, a high collar and a V-neckline.In such bad look skinny physique styles, as well as belts and belt.
How to dress a child for a wedding
Rare wedding complete without children, since such a large celebration is going to a large number of relatives and friends.Kids, like adults, need to look at the party accordingly.Learn how to put the baby for a wedding, so it fits perfectly into the overall style of celebration.

As you can see, to be beautiful and dignified mother at the wedding of your child is easy.Choose a unique style of dress, leaning on our advice.

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