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Fast and simple: create a wedding hairstyle for short hair

Features hairstyles with short hair for the wedding

hardest of all accounts smart girl with a very short boyish haircut, which is converted into a lovely wedding styling is almost impossible.However, the desire to outshine the bride's beauty surrounding her wedding day works wonders - every bride is beautiful and charming in its own way!

Wedding hairstyles of short hair often "rescue" Accessories: with a fine and delicate tiaras, veils air or small flowers can be given solemn strands, even a very modest length.

much more opportunities transformed the girls, whose haircut covers his ears - a competent stylist will create a wonderful wedding styling, texturing individual strands of different lengths.

Wedding Hairstyles
Health and strength of hair - it is certainly a very important condition for creating a successful wedding hairstyles.But we can not lose sight of the fact that the solemn laying must always be in harmony with the general way the bride.Make the right choice is not diffi
cult, because there are so many options for wedding hairstyles.See for yourself.

as a bride with short hair look perfect on wedding

prepare cropped hair for the upcoming joyful event, care for them should not be less intense than the long hair.

Review shampoos, conditioners and masks that you use - perhaps it's time to replace them with more suitable?It focuses primarily on the state of their hair, and buy exactly the cosmetics, which they really need.Do not neglect the vitamins - nutrients in their composition contribute to the strengthening of the structure of the hair and fill them with life-giving force from within.

10-14 days before your wedding, visit the beauty salon, which will take care of your mane experienced craftsmen, giving it the most suitable tone and cutting off weak posechennye tips.

Only now, when the beauty of your hair you are sure your best, you can proceed to the most crucial moment - the creation of short hairstyles for the wedding.All your favorite wedding options pilings are kindly requested to "try" to the wedding dress, accessories and make-up ceremonial.The choice is made in favor of the hairstyle that best fits the rest of the image of the bride.

Tools for creating wedding hairstyles with short hair

Many girls, for whatever reasons, not trusting stylists to work with his own hairstyle.And brides who dare to create a wedding hairstyle on short strands with their hands a lot.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair
Stylists agree that the most pleasant to create a wedding hairstyles for medium length hair.Braids, tight knots, or scattered on the shoulders of the bride hair - looks delicious!What other interesting solutions we have found for the solemn laying of medium hair, you will learn in this review.

So what arsenal of "weapons" to restore beauty girl will need to create a wedding hairstyles of short hair at home?

First of all, you need to stock up on a variety of means to secure the hair.What is right for you - wax, mousse, gel or varnish, will learn in the process of laying the next trial version installation.

Go down the list: can not do without the hair dryer and, of course, combs of different shapes and sizes.Recent help you allocate the part in her hair, style your hair in large or small ringlets and curls.A very useful thing - retaining clips, which help to remove interfering locks in the process.

curlers and utyuzhok help out girls who are unhappy with the structure of the hair - with their help in her hair curled, or appear, on the contrary, perfectly straight hair strands.

Jewelry hairstyles - studs, pins, rhinestones, flowers, ribbons, headbands are selected depending on hair length and shared ideas wedding hairstyles.

How to decorate short hairstyles

decorate cropped hair should be with extreme caution.The main thing - do not overdo it!


If the bride with short hair has decided to supplement the image of a wedding veil, her choice should be approached very carefully, because the nature of hairstyle will depend exactly on the appearance of this important accessory.Thus, decorated with rhinestones, openwork pattern or bright elegant sequined veil will be equivalent replacement laying ceremony.It will allow the bride is not particularly difficult to philosophize over the creation of hairstyles on their short hair.

not too long, transparent and generally allows a modest veil on the bride's head elegant tiara or a thin rim.Particularly feminine look live or artificial flowers that are inserted into the head veil.

wedding hairstyle with flowers
Real or artificial flowers that are involved in the wedding hairstyle is the best women's open nature, showing a soft and feminine to be a bride.Options for wedding hairstyles with flowers waiting for you in this review.

Rim locks

If the owner wants to see a short hairstyle long-haired yourself on your wedding day, she can use the overhead chignon or individual strands of natural material.Agree, it is very convenient - drastically change for some time, and then again to become yourself, familiar and beloved.Invoice "beauty" can not be distinguished from real hair.In addition, the artificial hair that can be dyed and curled, will be the basis for creating the most intricate wedding hairstyles.

clip short haircut

stylish short hair styling can be supplemented with elegant decorations.Organically only short hair "sit" miniature barrette or a thin rim.The bride should avoid heavy vintage accessories strands or fanciful glamorous crowns.It is best to emphasize the beauty of her shag 1-2 clips with beads, sequins, feathers or small artificial flowers.The rim will be an integral part of the wavy retro styling.

ideas for short hair for the wedding

According to stylists, the easiest way to work with a bob haircut (quads), as its length allows you to create multiple versions of wedding hairstyles.

Unfortunately, the scope for the imagination in a very short cropped hair is virtually nonexistent.Directly before laying your head to wash and dry, then apply to modeling wax locks to use it to give your hair some texture.In this case, the girl has two options - to smooth the strands and slightly raise them to give themselves a playful and flirty look.

Wedding Hairstyles with braids
traditional Xhosa wedding in packing bears are so large decorative load, that other hair ornaments are usually not needed.With the help of complex combinations of different types of braids create unique and amazing images that help the bride to feel the most beautiful woman in the world.

Give a festive look shorter strands will help successful modeling bangs.Experiments with its shape and styling will help you choose the best option, which the bride will be satisfied.

For example, you can bang a little comb, minimize wiring and make his ear, securing a small sparkly barrettes.Also, the strand can be leveled utjuzhkom or put on the forehead retro wave.The rest of the head of hair a little tease at the roots and with the help of modeling tools give the intended shape.Particular attention brides with short hair should be paid to fix installation.

offer you to evaluate a variety of photos on short hairstyles for the wedding, and choose your ideal!