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Stately and elegant guest: how to dress for the wedding man

In most cases it is the woman to decide how to get dressed man at the wedding.There is so because of the innate frivolity of men to their own appearance.The stronger sex appreciates the ease and convenience of clothing more than it meets the essential event.

Men, inexperienced in matters of selection and combination of things, and then we will come to the rescue, irreplaceable woman.

So that put a man at the wedding?

What is a man to a wedding: acceptable options

your faithful, of course, not at all concerned about how to please absolutely everyone present at the party.It is usually a subconscious desire gripping female.However, the choice of men's clothing at a wedding celebration should be treated with particular attention because of their looks, as they say, the couple and the rest of the invited guests will appreciate in the first place.

classic suit

most affordable and yet the most advantageous way to look good - put on a dark suit.It is this many clothes are in the closet

for a long time, waiting for his moment of glory.However, remember that the wedding - it's not a formal event, so strict and boring outfits invited to try to avoid.

clothe better second half in a suit of beige, light brown or gray shades.But if your favorite adamantly insists on a traditional black and revive the image of catchy part - the original or a bright shirt and tie.

way, a ban on the black and white is relevant for the male wedding invitation.To your husband or boyfriend accidentally mixed up with the hero of the occasion, try to know in advance what will be dressed newlywed.Solving the dilemma of what to wear to a wedding a man, you start from the reverse: the groom in a white suit - your man in a gray or blue "two", the newlyweds decided to wear a gray suit - suit husband pick any shade of brown.To pick up a dark suit black shoes, a light - brown.

As you go to the wedding the woman
No question is a woman such a storm of emotions as the one that concerns the choice of attire for a wedding celebration.Which dress to wear to please others?Is it too quickly tired feet in these shoes with heels mind-blowing?Let's talk about these and other burning moments to find the most appropriate and acceptable options for wedding dresses.

man, who by the bride and groom the honorary title of the witness, the witness be worn underneath.Moreover, against the background of the witness clothes suit bridegroom should look harmoniously - most of the day to hold a number of men, so their images should impress each other.

How to dress for a wedding male guests depending on the season

important factor, which determines what will invited to a celebration, a time of the year.

winter, the most appropriate option is a suit of men's clothes - a deuce or a trey.The most popular colors to suit today considered cool colors - blue-gray, gray, smoky.And for special occasions designers recommend men elegant and discreet options suits - stripes or fine printed pattern.For men who like to stand out, the fashion industry offers a range of bright costumes buklirovannoy or woolen cloth.

In the winter season is not desirable to go to a wedding in a sweater - that thing many perceive as a casual or sporty clothes.It is appropriate to look in keeping the color combination of trousers, a shirt and a light cardigan.

to visit summer events, there are also some recommendations about the look of the invited men.In the hot season the best option for the triumph of men's clothing - trousers in classic style and neutral-colored or fine pattern shirt.Short sleeves allowed.It is possible to choose a non-trivial shirt colorful tie.

What's a woman to go to a wedding in the winter
Summer weddings are good that at the disposal of guests there is a wide selection of festive costumes to dress as your heart desires.Winter is making some adjustments to the image of ladies wedding invitation, but look stylish and attractive and can be in the cold season.Let's discuss how to dress for a wedding guest in the winter.

style celebration

style and location of the holiday dedicated to the connection of two loving hearts, of course, also requires that the guests dressed accordingly.

Usually invitation cards say that the wedding will be stylized or some special:

  1. at a wedding celebration, decorated in a chic part of the banquet hall, the man is invited to go to a three-piece suit or dress coat spectacular.
  2. wedding planned to celebrate in a restaurant or a trendy club?Then the male guests can think about how to put a light jacket or a bright shirt under a black or dark gray formal trousers.
  3. If you decided to celebrate the great outdoors, it is better to take with a informal clothing, which can be replaced by a suit after the official part of the event.Particular attention should be paid to the shoe - it should be comfortable and soft.It is best to meet these requirements sneakers and flip flops.

What is the guy to go to the wedding

wedding youth In its own rules and laws, rather, they are almost there.The distinguishing feature of this event - democracy.Each invited worn on holiday, guided self-taste and common sense.In this case, the question of what to wear to a wedding guy, easy to solve.

How to dress a child for a wedding
If you are invited to the wedding and plan to take the child to a celebration, think about what clothes he would feel most comfortable.How to combine comfort and the appropriate nature of a wedding celebration in the style of children's clothing, we will advise.

Excellent choice of clothes for a wedding invitation elegant guy will light shirt with short sleeves or trim a thin jumper, a well-chosen light trousers.It is appropriate to be even fashionable jeans with garish shirt untucked.However, any option will be acceptable clothes, which are used to seeing old friends guest in everyday life.

Several recommendations last

Invited couple going on a wedding should be remembered about the general rules of etiquette that must be followed to the man.

And if your favorite something do not know, help him in the selection of festive costume:

  • the bright extravagant clothing should be discarded - on her background in black and white bride and groom may fade.It is simply rude.
  • If a man wants to look presentable, the costume is chosen tie, the color of which is very different from the color of the shirt.
  • Shoes selected with an eye on the color and style of the chosen dress.
  • color socks should match the tone shoes.

To Wedding Invitations male guests to look stylish and attractive, it is only necessary to consider the basic details of his costume in advance.

most important thing going on holiday, do not leave the house in a good mood!