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Warm and stylish: what is a woman to go to a wedding in the winter

What to wear to a wedding in the winter woman: actual recommendations

Do not worry, that snow and frost will prevent dress as you would like.If you wish, you'll become the most stylish and beautiful guest at the celebration!

Starting a choice of festive attire, always remember some of the nuances that are important from the point of view of etiquette and common sense:

  • dress or suit monochrome white - the worst option of all is that you can wear to a wedding in the winter.Even if you are enjoying your own reflection in the mirror and you are confident in his own irresistible, be sure to discard the idea of ​​stating in this form to someone else's wedding.The right to be white in such an important day belongs exclusively to the bride and the guests dressed in this way only show their contempt for the bride.
  • Today is a very popular themed wedding who choose for themselves active and funny couple.If your bride and groom just such, be prepared that the mystery of the wedding will become a pirate o
    r a biker party!In this case, thinking over what to go to a wedding in the winter, keep in mind, first of all, wishes heroes of the occasion, and dress exactly as they offer.
  • If you proudly wear status of the expectant mother, try not to attract special interest in his position at the wedding - in the glow of the spotlight that day will bathe the bride and groom, and your finest hour is yet to come!Choose for yourself the simple outfit - for example, free-flowing style dress.

As you go to the wedding the woman
Each guests invited to the wedding dress selection is concerned is not less than the bride.And let this day the most admiring glances will go to the bride, still want to feel at altitude.The fact that a woman wear to a wedding, tell our article.

As you go to a wedding in the winter, from A to Z


best option winter and beautiful clothes that you can throw on a festive outfit - is, of course, a fur coat.You can use any style - short or long, with or without a hood.In addition, you do not have to worry, if your wardrobe has a fur vest or cape.

However, outerwear - not the most important thing to worry about a woman invited to the wedding.Guests will order the car, and a long freeze on the street, no one will, so the top of the dress can be worn even demi-season coat.

dress for holiday

you will never regret it, if you wear an elegant dress - a classic option for various celebrations.Choose what you like the most - long or short, or feel free to drop down a magnificent, airy cocktail or a playful one shoulder.Feel clothed in a dress bright colors - a reason for that is just wonderful!

girls and young women should abandon the seductive mini, because no wedding is complete without a mischievous and mobile competitions.You do not want all the time to think about what you do not ridden a dress instead of merriment?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, her dress rustling, stop for gourmet pantsuit.Just beware of look like a dull office worker!Not to be trapped, choose a light-colored suit and add the image of bright original accessories.

If you are a close friend of the bride, and the hero of the occasion will certainly want to see her friends in the dresses of the same style and color, upryamtes not even considering the idea stupid.Bring a friend to enjoy the happiest day of her life.

As you go to the wedding the man
Men's clothing for special occasion - an interesting topic.Invited to the wedding guests will want to be the most stylish and attractive after the groom.Recommendations on what to wear to a wedding a man, you will find in this article.


When the wedding is celebrated in the winter that put guests - not the only pressing question for the invitees.It is also worth thinking about, what ye shall put your feet.You have to be indoor shoes.Cute shoes with heels or sandals in elegant tone to the dress, of course, will not be useful to you in winter at the walls of the Palace of marriage, but help out at the banquet.Then you will look aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, to feel comfortable.Do not forget about small handbag to match to the elegant shoes.


Do not overdo it with decorations!No matter what you choose - jewelry or jewelry - all should be in moderation.Bright dress, decorated with stylish accents (eg, a wide belt or large original buttons) did not tolerate the neighborhood with plenty of rings, bracelets and chains.

Look to scarves, wraps and gloves, which will give your image a logical end - this is quite relevant details for a winter wedding.

When you finally decide what to wear to a wedding in the winter, you will consider two other tasks - to choose makeup and hair for the occasion.But this pleasant chores - women should know!

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