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Pick up the bride's bouquet - tips Florist

Wedding bouquets: variations and forms

  1. Toussaint Mussi - small cute bunch, many years ago, such a mini composition gave the girls if they wanted to compliment and talk about their feelings in the language of flowers.

  2. Bouquet round shape - one of the most popular wedding songs.On request, it can be decorated with decorative green branches.This bouquet is combined with any style outfit.

  3. Biedermeier - a classic romantic composition, which received its name from the artistic style in the Austrian and German art, which appeared at the beginning of the XIX century.It buds located on portbuketnitse community and with the help of a damp sponge long remain fresh.

  4. Pomander - has the shape of a ball due to the spherical frame, which carries the buds.Reminiscent of the ball on the ribbon, it decided to keep the ribbon or worn on the arm.Basically this is a bridal bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums and carnations.

  5. cascade bouquet - is a real flower falls, drawn from the plants of different lengths a
    nd effectively flowing from the hands of the bride to the floor.The composition is rather large, so more suitable high girls.

  6. Vertical bouquet - consists of long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies, roses, orchids and others.It looks great with dresses or straight silhouette strict pantsuit.

  7. Basket - stalks of decorative green branches intertwined in a basket and placed it in the buds of various colors.Track looks very stylish and romantic, perfectly combined with the short wedding dress.

  8. Glameliya - compositions are exclusive and expensive.It was created from the individual petals of gladiolus that using glue connected to each other, until you get one large flower.Such a bridal bouquet of roses has a name lilimeliya of roses - rozameliya.In comparison with other compositions, these are much more expensive and guarantee admiring glances of others.

  9. Fantasy bouquets - floral art such works are very popular for brides who want to stand out.They look bold, stylish and are made up of different colors.There are many options fancy bouquets, for example, in the form of bags, fans, belts for dresses, clutches, or an umbrella.These exclusive compositions emphasize the playful image of the bride, puzzles and give it charm.

Making a bridal bouquet of roses with their hands

Home Accessories bride make your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Using multiple techniques, you can create a unique composition of buds fresh flowers, satin ribbons, brooches, beads and fabric.Besides the fact that this song will be invested your soul and mood, you own hands create a stylish unique wedding accessories, and even save on the professional florist.

to create the wedding you'll need a composition:

  • portbuketnitse
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • satin ribbon 2m
  • secateurs
  • string of pearls
  • 15 roses
  • 8-10 freesias
  • FloralWire green
  • gypsophila

Step by Step

start collecting wedding bouquet with their hands, which is due to portbuketnitse retain its freshness for much longer:

  1. necessary to get to the sponge buds and put it in the water, so she gained moisture.

  2. plastic handles decorate satin ribbon using the glue gun.

  3. Flowers of which will make up a bouquet, you must first drink water and treat the stems by removing from them the extra leaves.The outer edge of the sponge decorate with roses and rose leaves.

  4. stems of freesia and roses should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees and to make a length of approximately 5-6 cm. Now you can fill the sponge buds, branches alternating with baby's breath.

  5. buds must be inserted perpendicular to the surface and try not to take out again.

  6. floristic composition is fixed on a wire string of pearls.

wedding bouquet with their hands of satin ribbons and pearls

In recent times the bride decides to use for the wedding bouquet flowers are not alive, and satin ribbons.This composition will retain its original appearance and to please the newlyweds a long time.

to create it, you will need:

  • 15 meters of satin ribbons of pink and white
  • 20 cm ribbon of satin green
  • pearl of great and small size
  • scissors or clippers
  • wooden sticks
  • Lace
  • decorative stamen with beads at the end
  • glue

Step by Step

Creating the bride's bouquet with ribbons need to start with the basics:

  1. Wooden sticks to assemble together to seal using an adhesive tape or glue, and then rewind satin ribbonwhite.

  2. Glue the second end of the basis for the lace and the bouquet of the foam ball.

  3. To create the flower end of the white tape Bends and needle stabs.

  4. then camouflage fold line as shown in the photo.

  5. repeat the same action four times, and fix the folds.Lines cut satin ribbons sure to burn a lighter or matches, as they may start to blossom.

  6. now sews thread, step back a little from the edge.

  7. thread pull together and fix the resulting bud, leaving a small hole at its base.

  8. Cut off about 10 cm white and pink ribbon and tying knots in the middle of the weak.

  9. To make the core of a rose, join the free ends of the tape, fix them with a wire and cut off the excess.

  10. to create delicate stamens for flowers in the wedding bouquet collect them as shown in the photo, and also fix shorten to the desired length to us.

  11. in the hole at the base of the bud threaded core.The flower is ready.

  12. With wire anchoring bud a foam ball.

  13. do after all the roses of pink and white ribbons, midway some of them decorate the stamens from beads and fasten on the ball until it is all not to be covered with satin flowers.

  14. It remains to decorate the composition of leaves, which are made from small pieces of green satin ribbon, as well as large and small pearls.

Unusual wedding bouquets

modern floristry are true floral masterpieces.You can surprise your guests with fascinating toys from flowers or bouquets used to create custom elements such as shells, feathers and brooches.

mysterious Bride with a flashlight in his hand, with fresh flowers in a glass, will remind fantastic fairy.

eye-catching is a smart composition in the form of an umbrella, and a winter bridal bouquet of these cones.A creative bride can give her lover the day of their wedding luxury bouquet of banknotes.

all at your fingertips, you can trust a professional florist or to include fantasy and create a wedding accessory own hands.Just keep in mind that in a bouquet should be an odd number of buds and the preferred use of pastel shades.

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