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How to decorate the chairs for the wedding - festive decor ideas

How to decorate a chair at a wedding?There are many ways of decoration - from the "traditional" lush bows or covers made of cloth tape to fashion jewelry in the style of the gradient.As a rule, the choice of a particular variant of decorating the chairs depends on the subject and style of wedding.So, take note!

Wedding chair covers: supplement bows

The most common way - design chairs with fabric covers.In this case can serve as an excellent "disguise" reliably hiding unpresentable parts of chairs.In most cases covers only cover the backs of chairs - a more economical option, as the consumption of tissue such decor is much less.

Fabric is usually chosen light colors - white, cream, beige.However, the plain covers should be "thinned" color contrasting accents in the form of ribbons or bows.To do this, fit cuts of guipure, chiffon, satin or silk.

Chair covers for the wedding, you can buy in the store, rent a cabin in a wedding or even sew their own hands.And if you show a little creativity

, you can do without sewing - just beautiful pieces of fabric wrap chairs, crowning the composition intricate bow.Fractures can also be folds of fabric to decorate the flower with a decorative sprig of greenery.

How to decorate a chair on wedding bands?

bright satin ribbon perfectly suited for partial decoration of chairs - an alternative to traditional fabric covers, satin bow and a chiffon scarf.Belt decoration style must also be combined with the design of the wedding table and the banquet hall.

It can be "merry" colors - tie knots to the back of the chair a lot of bright multi-colored ribbons.Simple and tasteful!

modern fashion trends in wedding design - decoration style Ombre.To achieve such an effect is possible by picking up tapes of the same color in different shades.How to decorate the chairs with their hands on the wedding style Ombre?Let's go through a small master class!

First you need to decide on the color composition and stock up tangling with ribbons.For example, take nine shades of pink palette fades from lighter to saturation.The first is the most delicate pink (almost white), and then turn the darker shades.In addition, we need scissors.And, of course, a chair - a rectangular backrest and lateral (or longitudinal) beams.

We measure "girth" chair back and add to the value of 5 - 10 cm stock.From each coil cut to 5 strips of tape to calculate the length.Now take the tape of the brightest shade and tightly wraps his chair in a circle, leaving both ends "tails" - the same stock that beautiful knot tying.Location node can be in the middle of the back or side.Once tied all 5 segments one shade, proceed to the rest of the tapes, observing the rule of the gradient.Chic decor chairs for the wedding!And it is simple to perform.

But Ombre in violet, blue and purple tones.If the design of the chair allows, you can do cross-interlacing ribbons - the original decision.

combination of colors can be arbitrary - some lighter belts (white, cream) and a pair of basic color of a darker hue.

decorated chairs for the wedding flowers

Alternatively decor flowers can be used as an independent ornament or addition to the other elements - the fabric or ribbon.Ornaments from living or artificial flowers are made of bouquets, wreaths, garlands, small vases, baskets.Such a composition is attached to the back of the chair with the help of tapes matched in tone design.

plates - as an option of chairs at a wedding

According to the rules of serving on the tableto be transplanted card with the name of the guest, usually located near the top of glasses or a diner plate.And if you borrow this idea and use humorous signs in the decoration of chairs?We have the option of decor is not very popular, but in Europe it is the last "squeak".

as the material of manufacture of cards are used not only paper, but the wooden planks, plastic or cloth.

How to decorate a chair at a wedding?Whichever option you choose, the main thing - a harmonious blend of color and design with the rest of the decor.Make chairs original "highlight" wedding design and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.