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Fun entertainment at the wedding - games and competitions

Plan fun and games for the wedding should be based on age groups, tastes and temperament guests.All people are different - some would be happy to participate in entertainment that requires the active and dynamic (playful competitions, various "quests" to the wedding theme), and for others will like the quieter options (crossword puzzles for honeymooners, cash competitions).Of course, an entertainment program you can include the traditional and long-famous competitions.And if you add to the usual scenario the new "notes"?We present our entertainment for a wedding or anniversary that guests will remember themselves heroes of the occasion.

Funny contests the wedding

«What smells?»

To perform this fun competition will need a large bag, which collect a lot of different items (apple, pen, wrench, beer, wooden figure).In general, a flight for unlimited imagination.An important detail - to tie a rope to each subject.Leading announces the beginning of a wedding contest winner and promises an interesting pr

ize.Cause the player to dark bandage blindfolded.Then the leader takes out the bag at random, and the subject, holding the rope, brings to face the player, whose mission - to define the subject of the smell, hands-free.Correctly guessed items to the player as a prize.If there are some who want to, you can spend the competition "Who is more to sniff."

«Tell bottle»

Players stand in a circle, following the order of "woman-man."Leading the first party sends a bottle (better to choose a plastic), which is clamped between the legs and passes to the next player.This is not to touch the bottles by hand.During this playful contest for wedding guests playing catchy music.The comic and fun this competition give funny gestures participants try to pass a bottle of neighbor and not to lose it on the ground.

Dancing with balloons

to participate in this fun contest selected a few pairs, each of which is given to a large balloon.Then, one by one began to play music - rock 'n' roll, slow, folk motifs.At this time the couple dancing, holding the ball between them without using their hands.Here the music abruptly stops and a couple hugs each other.Who has the ball burst the first one and won.Paray-winner awarded a prize.

Games for wedding guests

Typically, during the wedding feast general atmosphere of celebration "in charge" toastmaster.Fun games and competitions offered by leading professional, always uplifting.And take a break after a heavy wedding absorption of food is very useful.So, how to entertain guests at the wedding?Here are a few humorous incendiary entertainment.

«Who is the bride?»

comic This game is extremely popular and is common at weddings.As participants master selects 5 - 7 girls (including the bride), who sit on chairs set in a row.The groom is blindfolded and invited to guess his young wife, and you can only touch the knees "pretender."


This doubles the wedding guests held with the participation of both men and women.To begin with players are in pairs and ties leading to each eye a dark patch.Then the witness and the witness give light weight participants clothespins, 5 - 7 pieces each.Now every couple of "blind" finds and removes a partner clothespins.Couple fastest gathered all his pegs, becomes the winner.

«Alcohol Relay»

Leading gaining two teams, each of which must be no more than 8 players.At a distance of 5 - 7 meters of the participants put a table on a bottle of vodka, a glass and a plate of chopped lemon or orange (for each team - a separate "set").At the signal leading the first participant reaches the table, pouring vodka into a glass and runs back.The second runs and drink, and the third - a snack.Thus, passing the "baton" to each other, the team empties the bottle.A team that did it first declared the winner.

Contests for the wedding for the bride and groom

participation in competitions and games, the main "culprits" wedding celebration is always interesting and fun show.Such entertainment is available in the form of comic jobs, on the results of that test readiness honeymooners to family life, solving everyday issues, the ability to negotiate with each other.

sharing of family responsibilities

To perform this fun competition for the wedding will need to prepare a plurality of folded pieces of paper with written on them male and female responsibilities.Leading brings the newlyweds paper on a tray (or in a smart bag).The bride and groom in turn take out the paper and read aloud written.For example: "I'll do the dishes every day," "I'll often visit their girlfriends," "I'll babysit the child."Especially fun if paper with such duties fall to the groom.And for the bride - "I will drink beer," "I'll lie on the couch" or "I'm going to make money."


This wedding contest for the groom.Leading distraction newlyweds and any of the guests at this time removes and hides a shoe of the bride.The task of the groom - to find hidden shoe using the surrounding clues (clapping).When approaching the "cherished" place guests clap louder, while the distance from the shoes applause, on the contrary, subside.

«Feeding husband»

in the center of the hall put two chairs - for the bride and groom.The bride sits on a chair, holding a plate with a piece of cake and a spoon.Then the leader tying the girl's eyes, and sits opposite the groom.Now, the bride should feed the young husband cake, using his tips.Typically, after such a competition is decorated with sweet cream and a young person, and his costume.So better to stock up bibs.

Entertainment at the wedding

Wedding - is not only the official part of registration and festive meal.The unique spirit of the wedding to create a festive entertainment, unite everyone in a big happy family.But both want to surprise and impress your guests!Let us today, "to break the stereotype" of the traditional entertainment at the wedding.We present our new-fangled unusual ideas.

Launching sky lanterns

tradition to arrange colorful nighttime fireworks came to us from Europe and for a long time, has become a popular wedding entertainment.Today, however, replaced by a spectacular fire show it newfangled trend - Chinese sky lanterns.Of course, the joint launch of a bright flashlight in the shape of a heart very romantic activity.If you capture the bride and groom, launches its a symbol of love, will get great photos.You can also pre-purchase these flashlights for guests (one for each pair).How beautiful will look a few dozen glowing lights, gradually departing in the night sky.Perfect plot for a romantic wedding video!

musical-dance group

Live music - popular entertainment at the wedding, especially on a holiday theme.For example, a wedding in the style of "retro" can invite the ensemble of clothes in the 70s, with a corresponding dance-song repertoire.If you have a wedding on the popular theme, the cheerful team of artists, discharged into the beautiful old shirts and tunics, give holiday fun a charge.The appearance of the guests at a wedding can be organized in the form of a presentation surprise.Imagine - in the midst of a wedding feast in the banquet hall there is a noisy crowd of gypsies with their passionate and rousing songs.This "Gipsy output" will be a real highlight of the entertainment program.Contests

the wedding witnesses

Witnesses at the wedding are considered "right hand" of the newlyweds.Therefore, in such a role often appear close friends or relatives.According to tradition, the witness can be an unmarried friend of the bride, and a witness - an unmarried young man from among the groomsmen.Despite the abundance of holiday hassle witnesses may also take an active part in fun competitions for the wedding.


to conduct this competition you will need a raw egg, which is a couple of witnesses should roll through the clothes partner.We should do all manipulations being careful not to crush the egg in the "wrong" place.

«immense pants»

each witness issued pants enormous size, with elastic at the waist.After the participants dressed in the clothes, the leading offers to collect in his pants as many balloons.When all the balls are collected, they started popping each other without using their hands.Wins the one who will destroy all balls first opponent.

«Hidden Object»

wedding This competition is always uplifting and causes general laughter.For starters, guests distract witnesses, but this time a few people hiding in his pockets various small items.Then the leader announces what things are at each participant.The one who finds more items, is declared the winner.

contests on the second day of the wedding

The day after the wedding guests a little tired and need to be properly cheer.So on the second day of the wedding to the young couple and their guests can spend a simple but amusing and fun contests.

«Family Boat»

On the floor, you need to draw two large ovals - boats, one of which is for the bride and one for the groom.At the signal, leading the guests begin to take place in the "boat".Then, the number of people in each boat is calculated and the results of selected captain of the family "vessel."

«swaddle baby»

It's a fun competition for the bride and groom, in which jokingly checked their willingness to care for a child.The spouses together offer swaddle a doll ("child") in diapers.However, it can be done only with two hands - the husband uses his right hand, and his wife left.The results are usually obtained swaddling fun, especially in men.

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