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Gifts for the wedding guests and parents: ideas and tips

Gifts for guests at a wedding

course, the value of the gift depends on your wallet.Do not try to bestow all the guests expensive presents.Gifts guests from the bride and groom - rather, it is a nice symbolic gesture.


The classic version - bonbonniere.They can be made in the form of capsule or pouch.Inside lay usually sweets.Same bonbonniere make out in the general style of a particular wedding.

Naturally, it is not necessary to put into the cream cakes or chocolate without the wrapper.The ideal would be to fill the candy boxes of candy, small chocolates wrapped, nuts and icing.Optionally, you can supplement cute gift magnet with a photo of the newlyweds or a remote control.We should think about the children prezentah.Nebolshie toys, candy canes, ornaments will delight your little ones.

If the wedding is organized in the folk style, in sweet dishes as used wooden chests.Magnificent token is a tiny note with appreciation of the newlyweds, signed by them personally.

Bonbonniere extremely comfortable if the guests at the wedding of a lot and make personalized gift to everyone is impossible.Perhaps candy boxes - one of the most successful world wedding traditions, which we have adopted.

Individual gifts

If you are celebrating the wedding of a narrow circle of friends and family, it makes sense to take care of the gifts more carefully chosen for their guests individual show.A good drink for men, gifts, photo albums, jewelry, maybe a piggy bank.Think about the tastes of your guests and prepare the original show.Win-Win are always different theme wedding favors.Shower gels in the form of hearts, candles, mugs, small figurines.

Guests who actively participated in organizing and conducting the wedding, you can give out personal letters of thanks.

If you're not strapped for cash, order the release of their own coins with the date of the wedding and your profile in the coinage.

Gifts for guests at a wedding with his hands

  • First, you can make yourself and fill candy boxes.If you have a taste for art and the desire to spend a few nights in the crafts, buy some silk flowers, lace, laces.Sew small bags is not working.

  • Second, pay attention to the candles.Ordinary cheap candles can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, beads other accessories.Get the original gift that will be cheaper and purchased, and will present exclusive.

  • Third, decorate small bottles of alcohol.Bride-needlewoman can oblige each hook or come up with another beautiful design, for example, paetki.

  • Fourth, sew the pads of felt in the shape of hearts.Come excellent needle bed or just a cute thing of interior decor.

In fact, the transfer options can be endless.Include your imagination and get down to business.Gifts for guests at the wedding, made with their own hands - a great way to express your gratitude and to stress to you how important your family and friends.

Gifts for the wedding the groom's parents

We should also mention the wedding gifts from young parents.First you need to decide whether you will make joint or separate gifts - from the bride and groom.

What gives the bride groom's parents?

course, that give parents of the groom at the wedding will depend on the degree of intimacy between her father and the daughter.Find out in advance of a future husband than fond of his mother and father, the range of their interests.If in-law a good hostess, the household items, kitchen utensils, beautiful towels, dishes will be different useful gifts.

for refined ladies, do not burden yourself with too much economy, jewelry or suitable, for example, a picture.Perhaps deluxe edition reproductions favorite artist or a beautiful vase.

Father groom can buy a good bottle of alcohol, perfume, expensive pens.If you are intimately familiar, a gift from the bride can become and supplies, and computer accessories.

gifts parents of the groom, best to ask him, then gift will be useful and delight not only beautiful wrapper.

What to give the parents of the bride at a wedding?

Gifts for the bride's parents are not too different from the parents of the groom gifts.Is that their value should still be higher.It's the groom takes the girl out of his father's house, so his gratitude for his wife should be expressed brighter.However, if you do not attach importance to such traditionalism, buy gift, guided by their relevance, and your wallet.

Basically, gifts for the wedding the newlyweds to parents may be purely symbolic.The main thing that they were made with love.Medals better moms and dads, plates with pictures of children, gift albums, photo frames.Naturally, the guests and the parents should not receive the same gifts at the wedding.

Prizes for taking part in competitions at the wedding

Programmes weddings often encountered various fun contests for the audience.So about prizes wedding guests should think in advance.Diplomas, pleasant things, sweets - are universal versions.But it makes sense to purchase individual and gifts for men and women.Trinkets, accessories, holders of money and business cards, pens - a strong half, cosmetics, soft toys, jewelry - the weaker sex.You do not have to spend a fortune for the prizes of the guests at the wedding.But winning the competitions still involves some reward.

choosing gifts for the guests at the wedding, remember that getting their loved everything.And having returned from holiday with a small gift, a friend or relative once again remember your kind words.And what could be nicer ...

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