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We continue to have fun: The second day of the wedding

Unlike the first, the second day of the wedding scenario contains almost no officialdom.It is democratic, free and options for there are many.First, we must decide who they want to see the newly made husband and wife.

How to organize the second day of the wedding?

The first day is always crowded, usually present, even the most distant relatives, work colleagues, etc.In the evening it will be clear who does not want to take part in the continuation of the festival (usually elderly relatives), and who will be unpleasant in the cheerful company.The second day - a holiday newlyweds when they do not have to comply with any requirements, and if they decide to spend it just the two, that is their full right.

How to treat?

It depends on which program to choose the young.If the extension is in the same cafe or at home with parents, no problems arise: after the first day are salads and other ready meals, fruit and drinks.Only need to remember that on the second day mandatory pancakes and maybe a cake (espe

cially if it was not for ceremonial event).If

holiday destination will be giving or travel in the country, is indispensable barbecue.His presence in a festive menu will be happy all.And you can cook soup on the fire, accompanied by the process of the preparation of competitions and other entertainment.

If on the second day, the company is not numerous, order pizza or rolls.Then, no additional effort is required.

Clothing newlyweds

rich and uncomfortable wedding dress young wife on the second day is not useful, it does not need a formal suit and a young man.Attire should be selected on the basis of where and how it will take place the second day of the wedding.It is foolish to go up into the mountains, footwear shoes, or wear the tie for a trip into the countryside.Important: the couple should be recognized in a crowd of guests.This can be achieved by choosing clothes or one of its elements is white, in addition to use the distinguishing marks (for example, pinned a flower).

Scenario second day of the wedding

As already mentioned, there are no restrictions.It may be ballooning, skydiving, racing motorcycles, the conquest of the mountain peaks, a wedding scuba diving, etc.

But most newlyweds choose:

  • traditional version;
  • picnic;
  • sauna or bath; active;
  • walk on the boat or yacht.

Traditional variant

Parents and guests gather in a cafe, where the day before congratulating young couple with marriage.Welcome guests - an important point to which we must prepare seriously and done with humor.

usually set in front of a table on which are arranged bottles of drinks (vodka, red and white wine, beer and mineral water).Are receiving, for example, the doctor's assistant with sober, dressed in white robes.They conduct a survey "patients", accompanying this is a joke, and always prescribed "drug", as well as collect the required contributions to the Fund of a young family.

welcomes guests may traffic police inspector in uniform and with a rod, he stops every imitating the actions of the police.Arranges inspection documents may make a breath in the "tube".But the result has to offer means for refueling (alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink) and demand money to help young drivers.

Another option Atmosphere - relatives or friends dressed in gypsy dress.They sing, dance, are asked to "gild the handle" and make sure the guests to drink.

latecomers can "float".To do this, put the store in advance, which will be laid guilty.Stalls can replace a chair or even leave a guest to stand.The person entrusted with the role of attendant in the script for 2 wedding day ohazhivat bath broom punctuality guests.This procedure pursues another goal: a broom leaves fall off, which will later be used as litter for small things.After a penalty to take a guest late fee, offer a glass of vodka and escorted to the table.

The traditional scenario of the second day of the wedding the newlyweds have to participate in contests, sweepstakes.The first of them begins when they go to their places at the table.And this time, they are busy false Honeymooners (pseudo-husband - a woman, pseudo-wife - a man) in the caricature of wedding dresses.Places to redeem themselves or young, or their friends: for money or fun doing the job.

One of the most common - "dirty linen in public."This competition does not exist in the first century Russian wedding traditions.Young woman picks up a broom and starts sweeping up trash, specially prepared for this action.At this point in the trash spilling coins.Husband and witnesses collected coins wife carefully wielded a broom, and the guests throw up a new breeze and raked in a pile of garbage back (usually legs).

In the traditional version of the second day of the wedding a lot of fun there, came to us from the past.For example, mother-skating (sometimes test) on the trolley.But they are much more harmless.Now no one will overturn the truck into the river, mud or puddle, but once it did it.


Despite the appeal, the organization should take care in advance of departure.The main dish of any picnic - barbecue.It does not matter from which it is cooked.Meat or fish should marinate beforehand.Well, or buy ready-made semi-finished product.Remaining after the ceremonial banquet and slicing sandwiches to pack (it is possible to ask the waiters) and put in the fridge, so they are not spoiled.Otherwise, the holiday may end up in the hospital.

place is also better to choose in advance and do not forget to watch the weather forecast.And best of all just take a tent, a tent or a big tent under which all visitors will be able to shelter from the rain.

in fire-risk period may be prohibited or visit the forest park area, and, moreover, a fire.Find out where there is a special place for relaxation, equipped with everything necessary.Otherwise, instead of the holiday will have to explain to the representatives of law enforcement agencies.

disposable cups, plates, forks and spoons cook for a couple of days before departure: the morning after the first day of the wedding something difficult to forget.Pack skewers, lighter fluid and charcoal.And drinking water is needed.

most important thing - take the garbage bags.Holiday holiday, but the purity of nature, too, need to take care.

second wedding day in the sauna or bath

This option will help to restore the failing health after the first day of the wedding.Relax, take a steam bath, a dip in the pool.Newlyweds and guests can transform into ancient Greek gods of Olympus, dressed in a bedsheet toga.Contests for scenario 2 wedding day can be borrowed in part from the traditional version.


This option depends entirely on the interests of the newlyweds.In winter - ski slopes, travel by snowmobile.A ride in a sleigh pulled by three horses?

In warmer time of the year - a cycling trip, hike, mountain tops or the conquest of the sea depth, the hoisting of the flag on the high-rise building - anything.

more laser tag, paintball , football, volleyball and more.

Walk on the boat or yacht

for such an option should be taken very seriously.First, make a list of invitees.Special attention will require entertainment program: its own is unlikely to succeed here to do, so you have to invite professionals.The same applies to the design of the deck.

Contests for the 2nd day of the wedding

Any scenario of the second day of the wedding (regardless of the venue, except for some extreme) includes the main traditional competitions.You can hold them in the cafe, outdoors, in the sauna or on board the ship.And some even on a mountaintop in tourist tent.

Shoe potatoes

newlyweds handed knives and the same number of tubers.Objective: To clean quickly and accurately.The winner is assigned to the right and the duty to always peeling potatoes.

Young parents

Before newly minted husband and wife on the table (or any other surface) is placed on the doll and diaper.Task: correct diaper.Time is not as important as quality.

Boy or girl?

This competition involved the guests.Two people (it can be the couple themselves) sell cake piece by piece.One collects money for the girl, the other - on the boy.It is not forbidden to pay twice.According to the results announced, one must first have the young couple: a son or daughter.


Simple and funny competition.Newlyweds offer something valuable hidden on a tray among the large leaves of cabbage.Husband and wife do not find anything.Leading Competition loudly announces: "The most valuable thing - the children and their not found in cabbage!»

What exactly will be the second day of the wedding scenario - it does not matter, as long as you remember that day all their joy and the presence of the closest and dearest people.