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Wedding loaf: tradition and modernity

Since ancient times, bread and salt newly suprugovvstrechali the groom's parents.It is in their home, he led his throat.We do not have a few days of this tradition is simplified, and a loaf of waiting for young banketnomzale or in another room where the wedding is celebrated.

Chtopotrebuetsya to meet young loaf with

begin with, that the caravan should be large.Egorazmer and all kinds of decorations tipped newlyweds zhizn.Bezuslovno rich and happy, you can not create yourself the hassle and just buy gotovyykrugly bread in the bakery.However, it you are depriving yourself enough interesnogovremyapreprovozhdeniya.And that symbolizes the wedding loaf lose svoyuaktualnost.After all, you do not even know who his pitch and what mood.

According to tradition, to engage in the wedding ritualnoyvypechkoy allowed only to women.To do this in the house of the groom was invited odnaiz happiest married ladies.She kneaded the dough, constantly napevayapozitivnye-song sentences about love.And in the formation of b

read, round kaksolntse, read prayers.Necessarily considered the "Our Father" and "the Mother of God."Vpech loaf sent a man.Also married and held.Thus, bread absorbed the positive energy of family well-being.A wedding loaf recipe handed down from generation vpokolenie.

Dekorsvadebnogo loaf and towel

first cakes were decorated only branches of viburnum, nochut later each element of the decor was a landmark:
  • wheat stalks - wealth,
  • viburnum - love,
  • braids - unbreakable bond of spouses.
  • figurines swans - ipredannost loyalty.It's interesting that the swans are found in many wedding traditions around the world.Along with grapes, kotoryysimvoliziruet fertility.As in business, and in an effort to offspring.

In fact, the loaf for decoration molodozhenovpereklikalos picture, embroidered rushnyk.Painted towel takzhetailo a lot of sense.Firstly, it must have been very beautiful, so embroidery entrusted to experienced craftswomen.Secondly, towel delalidvustoronnim: male and female side.Decorations were in three rows.Pervyyolitsetvoryal a succession of generations and it used rastitelnyemotivy.The second - best wishes to the bride and groom.For example, krasnyepetushki, symbolizes happiness and health, and rose to eternal love in dome.Trety served as a talisman for the number of young people.Most often, as in this vystupalakorona.She was seen asking for God's blessing of marriage.

Today towels given less importance.But vseravno should choose it very carefully.It's towel you budetehranit many years, recalling with pleasure your important day.A photo svadebnogokaravaya take its rightful place in your album.

same goes for the salt shaker.Do not portitprekrasny wedding bread anyhow a salt shaker.It is better to buy it with rushnikomkomplektom - the traditional white painted wooden or more concise.

Kakvstretit young loaf with

Following the Russian tradition, the answer to the question of who holds the loaf at the wedding will be unique.This is the mother of the groom, or starshayarodstvennitsa which it replaces.Next should be the father or godfather Seacon.Guests form a semi-circle, encouraging the young.Sometimes before vstrecheynagovarivayut special word for wedding loaf.

round bread on a plate without rushnyk, vseredine put the salt shaker.Needless towel should hang freely on each side pochtido sex, but not in contact with him.

one who has to meet young people with caravans, blesses newly spouses.Greetings nasvadbe parents may sound like:

But obyazatelnooblekat his farewell speech in poetic form.Several sincere good slovs conclusion "advice and love" will be sufficient.The main thing that they were going to clean the heart.

Tip: To meet the newlyweds can take ikonuBogoroditsy or Savior.Or triptych, which once represented obeikony.

bow Young parents and thank them.Zatempod applause of the guests should treat bread and salt.Bridegroom and nevestepredlagaetsya bite a piece of wedding cakes and eat predvaritelnoposoliv.Traditional wedding entertainment is that spouses dolzhnyotvesti hands back and try to bite off a piece as large as possible.He ktopobedit and will host at home.

If a loaf of young greet relatives of the groom, the glasses of champagne served the bride's parents.And they can also pozdravitdetey and wish them happiness.Champagne should be drained to the bottom, to "drink vsyulyubov", and break glasses, without sparing, imagining that this will go ringing vsenepriyatnosti, both past and future.
Nazametku: To salt slice loaf is required.Especially the bride.By davneyprimete, it is believed that because she eats all your tears.

Ugoscheniesvadebnym bread

After meeting with the couple and guests loaf prohodyatv ballroom.Wedding bread is cut or broken into many kusochkovi distributed guests.Carry particle loaf from the wedding is considered horosheyprimetoy.Unmarried women currently taking a loaf of bread with ornaments and put ihpod pillow, hoping to dream betrothed.

In ancient times, there was an unwritten set of rules of how to divide the loaf.According russkimsvadebnym traditions process supervised boyfriend or fiance best man, his seychasnazyvayut.After the newlyweds received bread parents, then senior rodstvenniki.I only then reached loaf guests.Moreover, every piece of money exchanged or napodarok.Remains wedding loaf give to the poor, they kotoryepodzhidali outside.So you can only imagine how great it was ivkusnym.

Nazametku: Also loaf can be attributed to the church.It will be a donation sprosboy of peace and prosperity in the family.

Traditions associated with wedding bread naschityvayutne one hundred years.Therefore, if you want to keep the continuity of generations, then try to find out everything about a wedding caravan and hold this ceremony as the mozhnokrasochnee.In the scenario of the meeting can make their own adjustments, remember drugiesvadebnye signs and create on their basis of an excellent program.Then vashasemeynaya life begins with the beautiful and symbolic of the holiday.

special word for wedding loaf

as bread and salt people love, so the husband wife lyubil.Kak salt sugar can not be replaced, so the husband can not change my wife or with dark, INSS light nor full, nor thin, norwith a clever, nor stupid nor any drugoyraboy.Like bread and salt people love because his wife had loved her husband.As salt saharomnelzya replaced because his wife can not change any husband with a dark or with a light or in full, nor thin, nor clever nor stupid nor to any other slave.Amen.

Word parents

  1. Dear children!
  2. Take this loaf,

    Ruddy it fresh and lush,

    same hot as your heart.

    In Seredka we put happiness for you,

    Keep it until the end.

  3. Dear children!Bread and salt we give you,

    to you in this world still divided in half.

    be joy or sorrow - Avoid unnecessary drama,

    yield to each other in the dispute is necessary for you to learn.

    live by faith and the law, not to look for an easy life,

    not abandon family, friends, honor your father and mother.

    have children, grandchildren will be - everything will go their chreda.

    husband take his wife's hand!And the advice to you and love!

  4. We have a custom,

    Since childhood, he has us accustomed

    bread and salt welcome all guests

    Low bow from the waist,

    than the rich to share

    the table in Russian,

    generously treated.

    you Bread, and salt,

    happiness and love,

    So people say from time immemorial.

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