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Lilac wedding: veil of romance and sophistication

lilac: psychology, shades and combinations

Lilac refers to shades of purple, it contains red and blue notes.Since ancient times, the tone associated with new beginnings, so at the wedding he would ever appropriate.If the bride decides to opt for purple wedding, it says that it is energetic, but quite balanced.Woman seeks to give your sweetheart a romantic and refined celebration.

What better to combine purple flowers?

are the following kinds of color: pale lilac, purple, amethyst, lavender, blue and purple and bright purple.Since the tone present cold and warm colors, using different combinations, you can make the focus on one of them.So yellow or orange red underlined notes, and blue - blue.

Pale lilac successfully fit in soft pastel shades, or serve as a background for the bright color accents of yellow, green, red, orange or purple.

Lilac - a classic tone.It is a good idea in harmony with mint, emerald and turquoise.Such combinations are suitable for beach weddings.

Amethyst - a complex and m

ultifaceted tone.Try to pick up the decor in gold tones of amethyst and get the elegant and magnificent event.

Lavender is bright tone, therefore it is advisable to balance its sandy beige, mint or brown.

bright purple suit for arrangement of color accents.In the background, use pale pink or beige.It is also in harmony with the purple, blue, red and emerald.

Errors in choosing colors

The main thing that should be avoided when planning a wedding in lilac colors, so it is monochrome.An abundance of colors creates a heavy oppressive feeling.

When creating accents always remember the feeling of action.

Making lilac wedding

When making summer retreats weddings should give preference to a more gentle and light shades, they will be more advantageous to look at the bright sunlight.In the banquet hall with artificial lighting is appropriate bright white background with a bright amethyst or lilac details.If you decide to opt for stylized wedding, the design of the following topics.For example, choosing the theme of the Middle Ages, note natekstil.Heavy curtains and draperies saturated purple can be combined with graphite gray, silver, and other shades of the same color.But in the styling on the theme of The Great Gatsby came to the forefront smoky pale lilac, black and silver.

Do not forget about the most vivid detail.Here are some of them.


If you want to show originality, then make handmade invitations or make them yourself.On a white background it is appropriate to look flirty purple bow or ribbon;the image of the flower that will be present in floral compositions;monogram bride and groom, and so on. n. In the same style better withstand the menu nursery cards, book requests.Flower arrangements

If you choose purple as the main wedding color, something as basic colors for decoration better use lavender or lilac.The lush and fragrant bunches once asked a festive tone.If they seem too simple, then pay attention to the roses and orchids.They are good individually and composite compositions.The original idea - tall vases, glasses, light is refracted in the glass, and the tone of the flower is revealed in its entirety.

Wedding Dress

Lilac - a complex composite color, so when choosing a costume is necessary to consider the type of their appearance.So much for the fair-haired and light-eyed girls preferred the classic lilac tone too dark or light shade will give skin a greenish ebb.Brunettes were more fortunate, because they can afford any shade, but the red is better to buy white or pistachio dress with lavender trim or lace.

If you do not know what kind of color you like, look for a model with degrade, that is, with the "overflow" of color from a dark to light.

Do not forget to maintain the appropriate color of the dress make-up and manicure.Lilac shade in perfect harmony with green, gray and brown shades of the eye.

If the bride herself did not have the courage to buy a colored dress, you can always "get even" for a girlfriend.They allowed any shade from pale lavender to deep amethyst.


Lilac bouquet - a symbol of romantic love and fidelity, above all, the right to choose your flower.For spring weddings pretty lilac.Try to combine in a single composition several of its shades.Especially good are the bouquets look combined with a simple white dress.More complex composition - with a pale lilac pink peonies and vibrant hydrangea.

brides who have chosen a more suitable finery exquisite roses.They can be decorated with ribbons or cameos.

For weddings in the style of "Provence" good composition of lavender with sweet peas, delphiniums and roses or simple bouquets of tulips.

Suit groom

Despite the fact that the designers offer suits and jackets in various shades of purple, there are few brides who want to wear them.But accessories can be diverse: from pale lilac scarves and ties to vest with amethyst and white patterns.The main thing is to match the color of the bride's dress or accessories.Do not forget about the boutonniere, it will become a bright accent to the dark background of his jacket.

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